Warrior Work

This morning was another lesson in capability, another reminder that the first time you think you’re done, think again. You can work harder, mind over matter.

I woke up to my laid out plans: workout clothes ready to put on, socks tucked into shoes, keys & wallet by the door & a banana with a big glass of water. Twenty minutes later I was straddling a bike with no seat, pedaling away!

With a week long hiatus from the Ryders Warrior classes, I was ready to be rocked. And rocked we were. Here’s a glimpse of the Warrior Work we did today (keeping in mind this is also a spin class – on seat-less bikes):

     Off the Bike:

  • 2 minute Plank Hold (No knees!)
  • No-knee Push-ups for 1 minute (my count today: 43)
  • 5 minute Wall-Sit HOLD (Hardest part of the 50 minutes)
  • 10 burpees
  • “Barre” style leg/hip exercises (one hand on the wall)
  • 100 calf raises
  • 100 push-ups at the end (nose-touching, knees allowed)

Rocked? YES. On an endorphin high? Completely.
Feeling? Accomplished, stronger, challenged & AWAKE.


How does exercise make you feel (adjectives)?

I guest-hosted the MeFirst chat last night, and this question provoked a variety of answers. I went with my first thoughts: powerful, healthy & stronger. A few people replied “accomplished”, and that rang true, too.  And as the conversation went on, I realized adventurous & confident are two more of my adjectives.

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What are yours?

Another topic discussed at length was the motivating factor – how do you coach yourself into a workout? As Rebecca put it – let’s be honest, we don’t always want to workout. Sometimes we just go through the motions.

Some factors thrown out there: healthy living blogs (read up and then head out!), new classes (Mix it up – don’t get bored with routine), and the buddy-plan!

My list is extensive, but the biggest factor for me is how I feel afterward (see above). No, I don’t always love setting the alarm early to roll out and go sweat. But, once I’m there, sweating, and then once I’m done? I feel awesome. We tend to repress feelings of pain, discomfort or extreme fatigue (allowing us to survive yet another long run), but the elation of a workout well-done is easy to recall. USE IT.

And with all of that said, if you’re not up for heading outdoors or spending money on a class – don’t forget the resource that is the internet! Podcasts, videos, lists and/or the above agenda.

How will you work it today?



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31 responses to “Warrior Work

  1. It is ALWAYS worth it after the run/workout. You just can’t find that endorphin high anywhere else.

    My adjective: PROUD.

  2. That class sounds intense and completely amazing. Today is all about me finding a random 40 minutes somewhere in my day for weights. I could let it go and not do it, but I am craving that completely exhausted feeling my muscles get after some intense weights. Marlene has it right, working out makes me feel Proud.

  3. Elizabeth

    After a particularly good workout I feel exhausted, but in a good way. Like I’ve left it all out on the course/mat/gym.

    And then, of course, there’s always the runner’s high. 🙂

  4. Anna

    I workout to feel strong. I’m naturally thin and used to be a self conscious about it. Now that I’ve been doing a variety of workouts (running 20 miles a week, bike riding, strength training), I have defined legs that I’m proud to show in shorts and skirts.

    I also workout to be an example. As a teacher, I love sharing my race stories with my students. I especially love seeing how it influences the girls. My school put on a small 5k in the fall and all my students wanted to be a part of it so they could run with me.

    I just finished 5 miles in 40 min – 3 of those miles at a 7:45 pace. This was huge for me and I’ll keep the runner’s high all day.

    • Heather C

      There should be more teachers like you!! Loved this comment, Anna! Those tempo miles will only get faster the more you go after them 🙂

  5. Exercise makes me feel alive, strong and elated. That workout sounds killer! I love plank, but pushups get me. I’m going to an advanced strength yoga class this afternoon with some lemons, and ready for the challenge!

  6. Jessica Clem

    Working out makes me feel energized and healthy. I love feeling sore all week and I LOVE running distances that I never thought I could. I usually work out in the afternoon, thanks to a hatred of mornings and a very open work schedule. I suppose my word would be: Accomplished.

  7. Two-minute plank? 43 pushups? Wow! Now I have to try that wall hold.

    To coach myself on days when I don’t want to work out or run (like last night), I remind myself how happy I will be when I’m done, how good food will taste, how much I will enjoy watching TBL, Heavy, or Shedding… That usually does the trick.

  8. Run on the TM on my lunch hour!!!

  9. wow, I wish we had that Ryder class here. I would be on cloud 9! Exercise gives me more energy and confidence. I love the feeling of be confident in my passions.

    • Heather C

      That’s why I provide a glimpse into what we do (it’s hard to relay the intensity, but a list of Strength training exercises gives you taste)!

  10. Kathy

    You have truly motivated me to switch up my workouts and try new things!
    I am please to say that it is working!! Age…mind or matter!!


    That is a freaking intense workout. 43 pushups + a 5-minute wall sit? WHOA!

  12. I left my crankiness in the pool this morning. That’s how I will work it today. Also, that workout leaves me shaking and twitching and I didn’t even do it. You’re amazing!

  13. runyogarepeat

    Sounds intense! Those are some long holds (5 min wall sit!). I stay motivated by mixing up my running routes, especially on long runs and trying new classes.

  14. Sounds like a great class! I managed to take it easy last night at Lifeforce Fit and our instructor was just getting back from his Mexico vaca so he took it easy on us. 🙂

    If I’m not motivated, I just tell myself I have to do something for at least 30 min. And after that I usually want to go much longer! Running groups help a lot. I don’t even think about “do I have to run?” because it’s just on my schedule. It’s how I see a lot of my friends.

    I have a hard time finding the strong attributes in myself, but I know I’m determined, goal oriented, capable, mentally tough, etc. Exercise helps me feel these things. Exercise has also made me feel so much more appreciative of my body for all that it does for me.

    • Heather C

      I miss that about consistent run groups – I’m actually heading out to test out a very popular one that happens just up the street from me. If nothing else, there’s always a HH afterward so it’s a social thing 🙂

  15. Wow, a 5 minute wall sit! That IS hard!

    • Heather C

      It is! I think we all hoped he’d let us stop early (it was for an entire song), but that clearly did not happen…

  16. you are in killer shape! SO jealous!

  17. Abby

    That workout sounds so intense! Exercise makes me feel strong and powerful. One very memorable day for me was when a 6’2″ guy asked little 5’3″ me for workout tips. 🙂

  18. Sounds like an awesome workout!
    The feeling after a tough workout is just the best feeling ever. And improving, even just a little bit, is enough to keep me motivated for a while.

  19. Mamacita

    The Warrior Class sounds crazy and intense. Hmm, mamacita is just happy to have worked up to 40 minutes on the elliptical with a 10 minute cooldown on a bike. I love the way you challenge yourself with a variety of workouts. So easy to get in a rut which is not a good thing. You have inspired me to try something new this week. Thanks!
    Good Job!
    Love, Mamacita

  20. Capable…just finished my “long” run of the week (don’t ask how far as most here would laugh). As someone who feels like a failure in many things, today I feel CAPABLE. With my first half on the calendar for several months from now, I can see it is possible; I am CAPABLE of doing this.

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