Back to Mountain Time

Gooood morning, Monday! A DC sunrise is blinding me through the windows of R. National Airport as our gate holds up a “delayed” sign. This is all fine by me; more time in DC, less time in Detroit on a layover! Win, win.

Thank you SO much for all the congratulatory tweets, comments and texts over the weekend. That PR High doesn’t wear off, so I’m still accessorizing with it and debating race goals for the 1/2 in Denver (with the speedy Sis) coming up soon! Suggestions are welcomed, challenge (pre)accepted.

In the meantime, my amigo otherwise known as the DC Runographer has a little video treat for you! My word-style recap will be posted once I’m on the ground, in mountain time.

Who else had an awesome race this weekend? Let’s hear it…



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10 responses to “Back to Mountain Time

  1. I’ve seen many a sunrise at DCA – you’re right, it sure is blinding!!! 🙂 Have a safe trip home!

  2. easylifestyles

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  3. Awesome weekend. Non-fiction.

  4. I’m so glad you had an awesome race, and got to spend so much time in DC! I can’t wait to read all about it. I had a great race yesterday – it sort of feels like a dream.

  5. Congrats!!!!! I’m so happy for you and KNEW you’d PR it! Have a safe trip home!!!

  6. oh what a cool video!! love it. Safe travels.

  7. Becky

    I had a good race. I ran the Marine Corps Irish sprint 10k in 1:01. Not a PR but it was my first race after six months of serious illness. I basically ran it with no training as i was only medically cleared 3 weeks ago. It was also a great race because it’s the first of the Marine Corps series this year, which I’m doing all of (yikes). My bro is an active duty Marine so training for and running these races is my way of supprting him. My goal was to have fun and appreciate being on my feet again. Goal met and next up-Marine Corps Historic Half!

  8. Lauren

    Can’t wait for our race now!! 😀 I had a reallyyy hard run in the LC wind yesterday…not fun after being at sea level. Denver may or may not kick mah butt. Especially with you running 13 miles in 1.41!! So awesome 🙂 Can’t wait to see you! love love love

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