Mindfully Tapering

The race “taper” may be necessary for a variety of reasons – you’re going long (26.2) and the legs need to rest; you’re aiming for a PR and want to be fresh; you’re aiming to avoid injury and don’t want the weekly mileage up too high; you have a race coming up, so all of the above are relevant!

I’m not aiming for any record-breaking speed on Saturday, but it’d be nice to know the legs have been prepared for the race. So, sure, I’m tapering. It’s an effort not to double-dose (run now and enjoy the sites, run later with friends and enjoy the company!), but my mind tells me Saturday is waiting for fresh muscles and rested feet.

This taper week has consisted of the following, and I’ll happily substitute walk-touring DC for any cross-training this time around!

4 miles, “easy” on Monday morning
6 miles, “touring” on Tuesday Night
I ran down to Kate, and she ran me around the Capitol and to the monument!
Walking around this city, all day, Wednesday

Run, done! Exploration, ongoing…



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9 responses to “Mindfully Tapering

  1. oh enjoy DC and have a great race! Taper time!

  2. See you at lunch today!!!! Can’t wait!

  3. I won;t comment on your use of depth of field. Wouldn’t want you to get a complex about your arms.

  4. I’m so glad you’re in DC! I know it’s your happy place. Enjoy every minute. I know your legs are going to feel fresh and strong come Saturday morning!

  5. Glad you’re having fun there, chica! Love your cute look at the monument w/ jeans and flats! I’m still debating how “fresh” i want my legs feeling for the tri next weekend or the 20 miler. Part of me just doesn’t feel the huge need to taper when it’s not a road marathon. Know what I mean? I know my legs would think otherwise, no matter what race I’m doing. Have fun!

  6. Sounds like the perfect way to taper to me!

  7. Have a GREAT race this weekend!!!

  8. love your jacket! where is it from?

  9. Anna

    Good luck this weekend!! You won’t need it though – b/c you’re ready! I hope the weather is nice for running. It’s supposed to be chilly back in Denver.

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