Starting Spring

Today, I welcomed my favorite season. Spring, I’m always ready for you! It’s about time you finally caught up with us.

I woke up to 90 minutes of Anusara yoga, opening the heart and bending the back. After which the sun showed up, and inspired the following:

We started things off with a breath of fresh air, a dose of the outdoors, window shopping and a taste of the Southwest:

3.20 001 3.20 002


3.20 003 3.20 004


Picnic Lunch (Thanks to a Dorry’s inspiration): Roasted Kabocha Squash (slice – with strong muscles and/or boy help, drizzle with olive oil & seasonings, in the oven at 400* for 20 minutes) & Chickpea Salad (cucumbers, carrots, onion, spinach grated parmesan, vinaigrette & the ‘peas).

This was followed by an afternoon nap, magazines & people watching:

3.20 007 3.20 012
3.20 017 3.20 019



Pack up the picnic and head to the ‘hood! I had visions of shops yet to be explored and sidewalks yet to be walked. That void was filled with unique boutiques, bookstores & a  new restaurant discovery.

Hello, New Mexico! How have I not seen you here before?!

3.20 023 3.20 024

Sangria, Shrimp tacos & a cone of Lik’s ice cream later,
our spring has sprung.



How did you bring in the new season?

What new seasonal food are you ready to see in your kitchen?

Here, you’ll see a lot of grapefruits (one of my faves!), strawberries & fresh veggies from the market (as soon as those Farmers come back…).



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11 responses to “Starting Spring

  1. Looks amazing! It’s not *quite* nice enough here for a picnic yet, but it’s getting there!!

  2. Mamacita

    I love the pics – what a gorgy spring day. Yes we must go to Julia Blackbird’s next time we visit Denver – looks like a place we would enjoy. You two find the best restaurants! I celebrated spring by planting violet pansies on the porch. Here’s to spring!
    Love, Mamacita

  3. Yay for Spring! What a great way to start it. 😉

  4. yea for picnics! someday we will all picnic together! I love that you did that. Are you in DC yet?

  5. Looks like fun! We enjoyed nice weather here also, we did some outdoor home improvement projects!

  6. What a nice way to ring in spring! It was too cold for picnic-ing this weekend… soon, I hope! You guys are adorable.

  7. Wahoo! I love picnics. It’s almost impossible for me NOT to have a picnic when the weather is nice. I’ve been riding my bike a lot lately – more than ever because the weather is so nice. We need to catch up sometime! Maybe a phone date after your race/DC trip.

  8. i’m so jealous of your picnic! unfortunately, we rang in spring with snow/slush/rain all day. not as nice as yours! 🙂

  9. Ooh, that is such a fun way to kick off spring! I love those kind of days. I ran 18 rough miles. So glad that is over with. Today as a reward, I got a massage on my lunch hour and did a little yoga this morning before work. The body is definitely happy about a little recovery. Hope all is well!

  10. with a big smile on my face!!!! 🙂

    how have you been? i havent ‘seen’ you around lately? 🙂

  11. Lauren

    Yay New Mexico! I welcomed spring the Las Cruces way…hiking and then having a pool BBQ! It was Dustin’s sisters birthday too so I made cookies and a cake. Hiking, pool, food and baking sweets! It was a great welcome to Spring. 🙂

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