B&E Stir Fry

To say we didn’t have a typical “St Patty’s Day” night (if there is one) would be an understatement. Instead, we rounded out quite the week with a little breaking & entering. Hear me out…

Since Sunday we have: been to the airport three times, had family stay with us (hi!), been to the hospital once (and only once, whew!), and locked ourselves out of the house. That last one was a simple mistake, made complicated by the fact that neither of us grabbed our cell phones.

We went to the store for a few things last night, and came back to find that while we had our keys, I had accidentally locked the doorknob from inside (it’s an old house, just go with it). One window was open, but the screen was on tightly. This is the crime scene:

3.17 015 3.17 016 3.17 017

I used a screwdriver and those muscles to do some craft work, I crawled right in. All in all, our “simple” trip to the store had us actually in the house an hour later. Fun adventures! Or, one of those things you laugh about once you’re in the door.

Dinner time!


B&E Stir Fry

1/4 head Red Cabbage
1/4 head Green Cabbage (festive, yes?)
1/4 cup Purple Onion, sliced (approx. amount)
1/2 Red Pepper, sliced
1 cup fresh Broccoli florets
1/2 cup
Kentuckyaki Sauce (or any stir-fry sauce you prefer)
2 tbsp Olive Oil
1 cup Chickpeas, rinsed

Prep the veggies!

3.17 019 3.17 026
Heat oil over medium & add the onions and peppers. Sauté for a few minutes before adding the remaining vegetables. Pour in the sauce, stir well to coat the mixture. Cover with a lid and let steam for ~5-7 minutes (I wasn’t watching the clock, but this is to let the cabbage and broccoli soften). Add in the chickpeas and heat for another few minutes. Serve it up & enjoy!

3.17 027 3.17 030


What random things have happened to you this week?

Happy Friday!



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10 responses to “B&E Stir Fry

  1. Love the colors in that stir fry! I locked myself out of the house a few weeks ago…on my birthday. Luckily it was nice weather out, I had a birthday cupcake on me, and my fiance was near by. I blamed it on getting old 😉

  2. um, i’m totally drooling over this stir-fry…i’ve got to make it soon!

  3. Glad you were able to get in without TOO much trouble. I’ve done that!

    Stirfry looks sooo colorful and hearty and delicious!!!

  4. Anna

    I love that while you didn’t have your keys or cell phones, you did have a camera! 🙂 I’ve locked myself out before and had to climb through a window. Now I have an extra key at my friend’s house for an emergencies that come up.

  5. Holly

    Your lockout story ends better than mine did. I THOUGHT hubby had keys; proceeds to shut door. Then it happens; the realization that our keys are locked inside. All doors and windows locked. After comtemplating what to do and our cat meowing at us from the INSIDE (c’mon CAT, let us IN), we had to call a locksmith. Even the locksmith couldn’t pick ANY of our locks. He drilled the lock out. Ah, success! $100 later, we were in the house. We have a spare in our garage now. I still blame the cat 😉

    Your eats look delish as always!

  6. Billy and I locked ourselves out of the car yesterday! About 15 minutes before both of us were supposed to meet someone for lunch. And our iPhones were in the car. Not our finest moment, but we figured it out eventually! That stir-fry looks delicious. I love red cabbage.

  7. whoa, what a week! I’ve totally been locked out before too. The hubs had to push me threw a window after we broke it open. Classy, eh?

  8. Nice twist on the Irish-cabbage theme—and nice job getting in unnoticed! I actually once got a ticket for breaking into my own townhouse after I set off my own alarm, triggering a visit from the police (OK, it was a ticket for setting off a false alarm, not actually breaking and entering … but still!).

  9. Mamacita

    Hmm, your all black outfit and pose is strangely reminiscent of an incident with E at PSU – the vacuum cleaner caper. Once again you are trimumphant. Nice job sweetie. Love you lots!!

  10. Lauren Calcote

    I locked myself out of our house once. I remembered Kristin had done it before and she crawled halfway through the dog door, just enough so she could reach up and unlock our back door. Sooo naturally I did not take into consideration that my roommate is 5 foot nothing and weighs significantly less than I do and I decided I could try this. Faaaail. Turns out my shoulders do *not* fit through the dog door but one arm, one shoulder and my head do. So I grabbed the tongs that were sitting on our grill, climbed into the dog door (head, one arm, one shoulder style) reached up and unlocked the door with the grill tongs. Yea….that’s all.

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