Sticking with (Non)Traditional Ways

Tradition: We have homemade pizza and relax for the night. Usually I’ll indulge in a favorite locally made beer, be sure to hydrate and go to bed at a decent time.

3.13 024 3.13 023


Tradition: Top that pie with veggies, mozzarella & red sauce – this time that included the latter, plus arugula, mini sweet peppers & oregano.

Tradition: Wake up early, have an small breakfast and a cup of coffee. Load up the camelbak, search the cabinet for any gels/gus/bloks (Found: Sport Beans), strap on the Garmin & lace up the shoes.

Tradition: Head South to the trail, loop out and back and using simple math (if possible) to figure out the next addition to round out at Goal mileage.

All of these traditions were used and successful, as per usual!

A few nontraditional tactics thrown into the mix: Ryders’ class Thursday morning followed by speed work that afternoon, followed by this long run on Friday morning, and convincing Martha to join me for the later miles so my recent I’m-SO-bored (after 6+ miles) attitude could be relieved for the day.

All these things led to a slower, but much more enjoyable and entertaining run than usual. In all respects, I was prepared and ready to tackle the miles. Just throw in some slightly fatigued (but resilient) muscles with some run-buddy chatting distractions, and it was that day’s recipe for success!

13.1 miles, 1:57:50 (avg 9:00)


What are your traditional LR prep methods?
Switch it up – what would you change?



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6 responses to “Sticking with (Non)Traditional Ways

  1. We had homemade pizza last night. LOVE IT.

    Awesome job on your long run and way to mix things up! I’m definitely a creature of habit and keep the routine the same for the most part. I can’t even think of something I would change right now. “If it ain’t broke…”

  2. I love your homemade pizza posts, they always look delicious! it’s my favorite way to prep for a LR as well.

  3. I always make sure my Garmin and iPod are charged! And lots of water the night before and in the morning – my runs are SO MUCH BETTER when I’m fully hydrated. That pizza looks delish.

  4. YUMMY, that pizza looks insanely delish!

    Good work on your long run, especially after a hard workout on Thursday too!!

  5. I like both! Its good to have the variety, right? My LR pre meal is usally salmon and sweet potatoes but I’ve done pizza and wine before and that worked too, just needed to hydrate, like you said! haha.
    Great post friend.

  6. i love making homemade pizza! my fiance and i make it all the time! 🙂

    congrats on doing what it takes to get the long run done!

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