Inspiration for Speed!

After the National Half, I’ll be running another half with my sister here in Denver. She picked it out, it was 100% her idea and I love that! It took no convincing to rope me in, or to craft the 10-week training plan for her.

I’ve done this before (Sister-race + Training Plan creation), and it got her across the finish line injury-free and just under her goal time:

dukecityhalf 010 dukecityhalf 015 dukecityhalf 016

The only bump in that road was her trying to figure out how to balance college life, a running schedule and the 100+ degree temps of her college town during the late summer. Either way, she clearly survived with a smile on her face, and that’s all it took!  She came back for more…

This time around, she is following that plan flawlessly! I’m actually beginning to wonder if she’ll pass me with her flying feet…and I find myself inspired to stick to my plan more seriously.

Her text-of-success with the track yesterday was all I needed to get my own legs out the door for speed work. My arms & abs may have been attacked yesterday morning, but that doesn’t mean my legs can’t get some attention, too!

Not sure what to expect, the legs & I headed to the flat Cherry Creek trail and got down to business:

warm up – 7:24, walk, 7:12, walk, 7:14, done?…

I could tell that one more wasn’t in the cards – tightness and fatigue are not a recipe for injury-free – but a small modification did the trick:

…7:02 (0.25), walk, 6:28 (0.25) – cool down!

Done! Which is always a feeling that makes the hard effort worth it.


What has been your speed work inspiration and/or motivation lately?

Training buddies (virtual or otherwise) are always a big push! As are Running-buddies that like to pick up the pace. Either works magic for me.



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10 responses to “Inspiration for Speed!

  1. runyogarepeat

    I’ve been doing speedwork on the indoor track lately because of all the snow. It’s motivating when I pass tons of people during my speed sections. It’s also fun to be able to keep up with some of the speedy people for a few minutes.

  2. Texting workouts is such a great motivator! I text with Spike during the week after workouts and after my long runs I have a list of people I swap long run motivation with. Good luck to your sister on her training for your guys’ next sister run!!!

  3. Dustin

    I am so proud of her!!!!!! ❤

  4. I’ve never done speed work with a running buddy, but I probably should! My motivation comes from how I feel when I’m done. 😉 I have a serious love/hate with speed work, but I know how important it is to see improvements.

  5. Lauren Calcote

    My motivation is you seester!! Love you 🙂 So excited to run with you again! I love my training plan also. Thanks for everything!

  6. wow, you killed those repeats!

  7. i wish i had a sister to run with!!!!

  8. AWESOME that you and your sis will be racing “together” again! Nothing like some friendly sibling competition to get you going. 😉

    Nice splits!!

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