Three Things Thursday: Ryde, Spin & Run

I’ve yet to find a balance between running, yoga and finding other ways to make my muscles weep. With 13-miles (run) on the agenda this weekend, and mile repeats that have yet to see the pavement, I’m sitting here after class this morning on a Ryders high.


Luckily for my legs, we focused more on abs & arms today. Not lucky for my abs & arms, but they took it in stride. If you’re interested in making it hurt to laugh, here’s a glimpse into part of what we did this morning (exercise, holding time):

Plank, 60 sec
Forearm Plank, 40 sec
Plank – Lift right arm, then left, repeat, 30-40 sec
”Walk” – Go from Forearm –> Normal Plank, 60 sec
Left Side Plank, 40-60 sec
Right Side Plank, 40-60 sec
Plank, 30-40 sec

No, we didn’t get a break in between. But to avoid injury, know your limits!
Then we did core work , laying on our backs (scissor kicks, leg raises, etc) with weights on the ankles. Abs, beware! You’ve been attacked.


In other news, I’m accumulating random useful kitchen gadgets! D’s mom sent me a Salad Spinner a few weeks ago, and I finally had reason to use it (Thanks, Mrs. C!!).

saladlettuce 002

Thanks to my win over at Heather ‘s place, I got a full box of Door to Door Organic veggies this week! This included a full head of lettuce (see above) and some fresh arugula (still on the stem!). As it turns out, lettuce is one of the dirtiest things in that box, and this could not have been more helpful:

saladlettuce 004

Rinse, chop & toss it in! It spins those leaves around fast enough to get the water and dirt off, and leaves you with salad-ready greens. I love this thing!


Last night marked week 2 of our weekly run club – we had twice the attendance (10)! It was enough to split into two main pace groups, and to get me So excited for the growth we’ll see in the next few weeks. As Daylight Savings time finally kicks in, various route options will open up and we can offer a doubled-distance. Yes, we’re going for progress here!


Question for today – What’s your favorite way to make your core burn?



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10 responses to “Three Things Thursday: Ryde, Spin & Run

  1. runyogarepeat

    Planks, but I’m weird and actually love the burn from them. My gym has a 30 minute abs attack class that is really great, and sometimes, I go to the spin + core class. I think core exercises are my favorite to do!

  2. salad spinner? who knew that had a real use!!

  3. oh, and i’m a plank/roman chair kind of girl. grrrrawr.

  4. Ha! Love that you did several minutes of planks and THEN got down to some core work. My abs would be toast after the plank sessions!!

    I need to get my hands on a salad spinner. I always end up patting it dry with towels.

  5. That plank progression is intense! I’m definitely going to have to try that out. V-ups are my favorite , but I do a wide variety of core. When I really need inspiration, I do the P90X Ab Ripper DVD.

    Do you find that its hard to make your ab muscles sore after awhile (even when changing up the moves)? I love that next day tightness, but when I’m consistently working my abs, it’s hard to find!

  6. oh nicely done! I love those ab moves. Plank walks are killer. and a good burn! I have to say that the TRX tucks are my love/hate move. WOW!

  7. Nice work on the run club!! That’s exciting. The manfriend had fun on his 2.5 day visit to your area this Mon-Wed. We’ll have to visit sometime during the summer or something.

  8. I love planks! My day doesn’t feel complete without some planking. 🙂 But that’s intense with no breaks…I’m going to see how far I can go with that routine. We LOVE our salad spinner! 🙂

  9. I need a salad spinner!

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