Teriyaki Chick

Coming home after an early yoga class (Good Morning, 6:00 a.m.), followed by a run-buddy-accompanied 5 mile run, followed by breakfast and back to back “meetings” at Starbucks, I suddenly saw “1:00 p.m.” on the clock.

Hello, HUNGER.

Thanks to a random pick at Williams & Sonoma with the ‘rents over the weekend (Kentuckyaki Sauce – minimal ingredient list, maximum flavor!), I had a random lunch idea. And it was quite tasty, easy, and healthy. And that’s exactly what I needed.

teriyakichick 001 teriyakichick 005

Teriyaki Chick

1/2 cup Chickpeas, rinsed
2 large cabbage leaves, cut into strips
1/4 Red Pepper, sliced
Yellow onion slices
1 tsp Canola Oil
2 Tbsp Kentuckyaki Sauce (or choice of Stir-Fry flavoring sauce)
1 cup Broccoli, steamed

Steam broccoli (chop and heat over boiling water); in a separate pan, heat oil over Medium and add red peppers, chickpeas, onion & cabbage. Drizzle sauce over the vegetable mixture and sauté until softened. Add everything together & dig in!

teriyakichick 006
Simple, full of vegetables (and colors) and a dose of protein + carbs from the little chickpeas. 5 minute lunch, done!

Go ahead and top that off with a piece dark chocolate, if you so desire. Which I did.


What’s your favorite way to stir-fry? Who says you need rice? My taste buds are biased for chickpeas, and I’ll definitely be making this simple dish again!



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9 responses to “Teriyaki Chick

  1. i still have not brought a chickpea into my house. hmmm.

  2. I love stirfry and don’t have one single stirfry sauce in my fridge. Need to find a decent healthy-ish one b/c this looks GREAT!

  3. I love stir-fry AND chickpeas. Eating a lot of rice in the middle of the day can zap my energy, so this is ideal for lunchtime. Your busy morning sort of makes me head spin…I think I’m actually on the verge of that level of activity. 🙂

  4. Ooh yum, that looks great! I brought a green smoothie and some “healthy” chips and a few slices of cheddar cheese for lunch. Yum yum!

  5. I love chickpeas but for some reason have never put them in stir-fry. I will have to try this soon, it looks really tasty!

  6. oh ya, stir fry hits the spot. I’m all about throwing in some tempeh or eggs too!

  7. Jen B.

    I rarely use rice with my stir-fry, but I always make my stir fry “sauce” from scratch. Mix in some soy sauce with a little of this and that, maybe a little peanut butter, ground ginger, garlic, honey, and cayenne….the list is long but really it’s quite quick. It would be nice to have one that I could have on hand. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Anna

    I never have rice w/ my stir fry – I always want more veggies, not rice! My favorite sauce is a recipe my family has been using for years. It only has 4 ingredients – water, soy sauce, cornstarch to thicken it while it cooks and a dash of sugar to make it a little sweet.

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