Right on Schedule

My weekly agenda is never the same. I never know what classes I’ll end up going to (i.e. yoga, Pure Barre, ryding, etc); my work days/hours vary and I run around that to keep up; Parents come into town and it’s time to do some rearranging.

The latter was the case this past weekend, and we had some fun activities planned! My running still happened, with a few changes: Friday morning (instead of Saturday), on an impulse decision Thursday night (instead of going with the stick-with-Saturday-plan), and at 7 a.m. without a real route in mind (save me, Garmin!).

On that note, one easy way to distract yourself for 12 miles is to continuously attempt simple math in your head, while running. Works every time!

16miles 002 1.26 009

I learned my lesson, and happily brought the Camelbak along for the ride. The first few miles were easy – hop on the trail and turn around eventually to head towards Wash Park. I spent the middle miles trying to figure out how far to go on the trail, how far away Wash Park would be from there, how far to run around Wash Park before I’d need to turn around and go towards Home.

Unfortunately, the Garmin doesn’t do these equations for me. 

My wheels kept turning until I realized I was way off with one assumption and would in fact need to turn around one mile into the Park loop.  Fortunately, I figured that out before I ended up running 14 miles instead.

12.10 miles, 1:44:40

I started slow, and easily kept the middle miles right where they like to be (8:30-40).
I ended on a fast note, instead of in a battle with hydration-deprived energy levels.
I got my run done, and was ready to spend a day with the Parents in Boulder.

Success! Staying right on schedule.
DC Countdown: 15 days!


How did you Sweat over the weekend?
I followed that up with 90 minutes of Ryding + Bootcamp yesterday (Rest Day in between) and am feeling many muscles that  apparently do not get enough attention. I love that burn.



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10 responses to “Right on Schedule

  1. I think it would make me crazy not having a set schedule… I love that you always manage to go with the flow! Great job on the long run and big cross-train day! Hope you had fun with the ‘rents.

  2. I have heard others say they use math equations also.. What if you are not good in math though??

    good job on the run!~


  3. Liz

    I did a 12 mile run and also had to do math to figure out when to turn around (since I started at different place than my end point). Math definitely helps the miles go by!

  4. holy cow, we’re only 15 days away? HOORAY! nice job on the LR, babes! i also distract myself with math during the long run….and the tempo run….and the interval run….

  5. oh my, my garmin has saved me SEVERAL TIMES! Looks like a great run. I had a long run friday too.
    I also went to yoga sunday, hot yoga. Lovely sweat. hehe!

  6. 12 miles, awesome. So jealous you will be in dc in 15 days!!! Too early for the cherry blossoms?

  7. Nice work! I don’t always like rearranging my running schedule, but it’s good for me to have to be flexible once in a while. 😉 I did a 17 mile run (with lots of trail and hills-ouch!) and a easy but cold 15 mile bike ride yesterday. And of course some yoga stretching and foam rolling.

  8. You inspire me to be flexible. I have my HR meeting with lulu this Wednesday and will start soon…I know I’m going to have to be very flexible with a changing schedule every week. I’m up for it, though! And pretty excited. 🙂

  9. Ivan

    11 miles on Saturday (as you know). We’re going to take this half marathon down.

  10. HA! I totally do math on long runs…mostly to figure out pace/how much more I have to go. Whenever I tell people that, they look at me like I’m crazy! Clearly not the case haha. The rain kept me from taking the bike out (big sad face), but I followed up this weekend’s 9 with a Burn class…it’s my new fave 🙂 Cannot wait to go for a ride this weekend, though. Amazing how addicting biking is!

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