Fuel With Love

I learned a long time ago that the way we choose to fuel will affect all aspects of our lives. Specifically, fueling mindfully before and after a workout will get you results – farther, faster, stronger, healthier. It was a slow process, but I realized what does/doesn’t work for me. I also realized it is definitely not worth it to skimp on the things you love – balance is always there to be had.

One food I love, but rarely “indulged” in at one point: Granola!

3.3 002

What better way to get back in the groove, than with LOVE GROWN Granola, right?

Typically, you can look the Nutrition Facts of Granola up and down only to see high amounts of sugar, fat, and scientifically named ingredients that couldn’t be found in a kitchen. But, that’s not how Maddy & Alex do things.

Read their story; it’s not only fascinating that such young people have already created such a successful (and tasty) business, but it’s also fun amazing that their site is already full of their products, the LOVE GROWN lifestyle & Upcoming events!

{Sidenote: Clearly I couldn’t even wait for the Granola’s photoshoot to dig in. Nope, those bags up there have already been ripped open and enjoyed}

3.3 017 3.3 018 
3.3 013

Every bag is FREE of all of the above, and FULL of Love; FULL of ingredients you could just as likely have in your kitchen.

But, trust me, it’s worth it to let them do the cooking.

3.3 021 3.3 027

The Cocoa Goodness? That one is going quickly. It is definitely my favorite. I had no idea dark chocolate could go so well with toasted oats. It makes for a “healthier” dessert choice: combine with plain Greek Yogurt and enjoy.

The Sweet Cranberry Pecan is a very close second! It fueled me through yesterday afternoon, as I worked and waited for RUN CLUB time!

3.3 042

Our initial group was small, due to some extenuating circumstances that kept a few of my fellow lulus from joining. But, I LOVE this picture and I love that it shoes where we started! A great 3 mile loop, keeping the pace where we could all run together.

RunClub1 *******

What’s your favorite way to fuel before an early evening run?

What’s one thing you’ve done lately That “scared” you?

I can definitely say that one year ago I never would’ve assumed I would lead a running group. Last night, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.



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11 responses to “Fuel With Love

  1. Congrats on kicking off the running group! You must be excited to see it GROW.

    I love granola, but NOT the ingredients/nutritional info. This looks like an awesome product – thanks for sharing!!

  2. I wish I had a run club!! 🙂 Starting my blog “scared” me and now it just seems completely natural!

  3. One thing that “scared” me was going on a first date recently!! Things turned out fine but I was super nervous 🙂

    A lululemon run club was started over here recently too! I love them and it is so fun to meet new people/runners.

  4. yay! I love the Love Grown Granola, too. The cocoa goodness is amazing – I think they trick is that it’s not too sweet. The sea salt balances everything out. I’m a huge fan. We actually had some at our running group last night!

  5. Elizabeth

    Congrats on the Run Club! I know how excited you were for that.

    As for scary, I feel like I’m at an in between point for scary in my life – there’s plenty coming up, though. I’ll keep you posted, of course.

  6. Lucas

    Sorry I missed it last night! Next week hopefully!

    Good on you for getting it going tho!

  7. i am doing a cleanse and that scares me

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