lululemon Group Run!

Yes, this is finally happening!

And this is my "official” announcement:

To any/all Denver runners that hang out here, Hello! If you’re free on Wednesday nights, come join us at lululemon in Cherry Creek North for a weekly run. The deets:

When: 6:30 pm, Wednesdays
Where: lululemon, Cherry Creek North
What: 3-mile loop! ALL PACES WELCOME!
Who: Me! Other running lulu peeps, other local runners, and our Run Ambassador Ed Hagen.

I couldn’t be more excited about this (clearly), and hope to see some of you out there with us! :)  Feel free to email with any questions!



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6 responses to “lululemon Group Run!

  1. I would Totally join…. 🙂

  2. wish I was in denver. I’d SO BE THERE! 😀

  3. I hope you guys have fun!!! I know we are loving the group runs, had our 5th one last night!

  4. If I were in Denver, I’d totally be there. 🙂 Have fun!

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