Snack: Opportunity or Action?

Let’s play a little game; think of the word SNACK.


Did your mind go to….

Noun: Small meal or Verb: Snacking?
Chips or a Granola Bar?
Yogurt or a bowl of Ice Cream?
Fruits/Veggies or a handful of Salty things (e.g. pretzels)?

Do you have “snacks” every day, or just sometimes?

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Snacknoun. A small portion of food or drink or a light meal, especially one eaten between regular meals.

-verb. To have a snack or light meal.

Or, if there are any Aussies in the house (Jenn?): -slang: Something easily done.
I’ll need to see that one in a sentence.


In a recent conversation with a new “client”, we had an entire discussion around snacks. Some people think of them as “extra calories”, or automatically associate a “snack” with foods like chips, pretzels, heavy dips, dessert, etc. In other words, to snack is a verb, and it usually involves mindlessly munching.

I offered a different perspective: a snack is a small meal, an opportunity to put extra nutrients into your day. When I go for a snack, I think of what my day is missing thus far (or plan ahead for this when packing for work). No fruit yet today? Apples + nuts or nut butter. No veggies yet? Carrots or Pepper slices + hummus. Lacking dairy? Greek Yogurt + fruit/cereal/honey/cinnamon.

Associations are always changing; as a child, a “snack” was for after school / before dinner, and a “treat” was after dinner / before bed. As I got older, it meant something quick before Soccer practice so I had energy to go Go GO. In college, it was something to squeeze in between awkward class times to keep my attention span alive.

Now, it’s a small meal, between meals, to keep me going. I usually have a morning and afternoon snack, depending on the day’s schedule. I know when I need that extra intake, those extra nutrients, and/or that other food group.  And I love me some little mini-meals to get them all in!


Do you have snacks throughout the day?
Did your mind go to noun, or verb?
(Feel free to answer all the other Qs up there, too!)



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21 responses to “Snack: Opportunity or Action?

  1. I love this post – I never thought of looking at snacks as an opportunity to get something in your day that is missing. I do have snacks, usually 1-2 a day. My mind went to noun so I guess that’s a good thing?

  2. Anna

    I teach 3rd grade and instead of having “Recess,” we have what I call “Snack & Break.” At the beginning of the year, we talk about how everyone needs a break in their day to be productive. Everyone also needs healthy fuel, like a snack. Everyday at 10:15 we go outside for about 15 minutes and enjoy a snack from home (I always eat fruit such as an apple or grapes) or the class snack of a granola bar, fruit leather or crackers. I love being able to teach my students healthy habits along with the standard curriculum.

  3. Elizabeth

    Right now I think string cheese and Nature Valley bars, since that’s what I bought for my mid-morning and afternoon snacks. But I do sometimes just think of snacks as extra calories. I’m working on it.

  4. When I track my calories and break it down into meals and snacks, I actually get more of my daily calories from “snacks” than my actual meals. I love to eat frequently and smaller portions at a time, so this works great for me. And while I enjoy an occasional treat OF COURSE, I keep them healthy 90% of the time!

    Hmmm, I think it’s snack time…

  5. Lauren Calcote

    Hmmm Snack…..candy?? Popcorn?? Fail 😦

    Every once in awhile I will reach for an apple or wheat thins with peanut butter…mmm yes that one is good 😀

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  7. I usually snack in the mornings and afternoons, usually fruit and almond butter or greek yogurt with extra fruit. I have found if I have these snacks I do not tend to mindlessly graze in the evenings, when I usually do not eat such healthy choices because I am at home and have more available to chose from.

  8. I LOVE SNACKS! id rather keep my meals on the smaller side so i can snack… i usually eat 3 a day. morning, afternoon and evening!

  9. My mind thought of the noun – snack as in a small meal. I have snacks between lunch and dinner just about everyday. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later – depending on what I had for lunch. My favorite snack is an apple with almond or peanut butter. It satisfies the salty+sweet craving and the fat keeps me full til dinner.

  10. My snacks are usually the healthy options like veggies and hummus, apple and almonds, cheese and triscuits, yogurt, etc. My snacks are often planned things since I take them to work. Treats are more of on a whim. Treats are the occasional chips or bowl of ice cream (maybe once a week).

  11. i just eat ’round the clock, i don’t really fuss with what it’s called. 🙂 but i thought of: almonds & craisins, granola bars, baby carrots, cheese & crackers. and cupcakes!

  12. runyogarepeat

    I always have around 2 snacks a day in between meals to keep me going. Plus, I don’t like to have huge meals, so having a snack helps spread out nutrients throughout the day. I always carry around a fruit or bag of almonds to snack on when I need!

  13. i never realized how important snacks were. i try apple w peanut butter, a smoothie, granola bar (homemade), crasins w sunflower seeds. i am really trying this b/c i feel the difference in makes, and my girls are on a big clemintine kick, they love em.

  14. Emily

    I love love love snacks. I snack between each meal — and sometimes an extra one thrown in depending on when my workouts are scheduled. And I see them the same way you do — a chance to add fruit or an extra dose of protein or other nutrients my meals might be missing. I like that balance 🙂 Hummus, apples, carrots, Luna bars and nuts come to mind…

  15. purpleshoe runs

    I was eating my afternoon snack as I read this–a Kind bar : ) And I had no idea on the Aussie meaning–though I did learn some other straaaange ones while I was there! (Also, Aussies tooootally say things like ‘throw some prawns [shrimp] on the barbie’ and ‘g’day mate!’ true story.)

  16. Mamacita

    Like this post a lot. Always good to have a mid-morning snack – today I brought tangerines to work for N and I. Dad is eating healthier snacks too. Why does it not surprise me that L thought of candy as a snack?! Sometimes tho I must admit peanut m&m’s make a great snack.

    Love, Mamacita

  17. I love your thinking! A way to get in extra nutrients. I like to get my extra nutrients in with green shakes! They make me feel so nourished in between meals.

  18. I first thought of it as a noun. I eat at least one snack a day – sometimes two. I eat a lot of cheese and yogurt, especially when I’m at work.

  19. My husband calls me “snack pack” for my propensity to not only snack, but to travel with Amy-friendly “snack packs”—a bag of peppers with a container of bean dip, or a Larabar and a few almonds. My snacks almost always boost my fruit-and-vegetable count for the day, and keep me going until my next meal.

  20. I definitely think of snack as a noun but I love your perspective of using snacks to supplement your day in a healthy way. My challenge is not letting myself get overly hungry so Im tempted to throw down less nutritious food.

  21. i definitely have snacks on a regular basis! i tend to think of them as a noun and i usually try to pick snacks that pack a lot of nutrition into a small package. i love a small handful of almonds, veggies + hummus, celery + pb, etc. for my snacks.

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