Hydration Lesson & Recovery Yogurt

Saturday morning required some convincing; my running shoes were staring at me, and my motivation was sitting in my cup of coffee & thinking a relaxed morning sounded better.

Wrong, motivation. We have to take advantage of the sunshine!
We have 11 miles to run, right now.


I underestimated the 50* morning; a little too much coffee and not quite enough water is not a recipe for success. Surprise! Bringing a Camelbak full of water is; too bad my mind didn’t think of that.

The first 9 miles were a breeze. My legs found their “easy” pace, without any remnant of the ITB issue (whew), and stayed right between 8:30-8:40. High-five for consistency! My twisted route didn’t keep me as entertained as I had hoped (RBs needed!), but I reached my last turn-around and got ready for the last 2.5 miles home.


Never doubt hydration; I was ready to ask a passing cyclist (or all of them) for a sip, and the river water wasn’t looking too bad (gross), and I envied every runner on the trail who was more prepared (i.e. had water) than I.

The Waffle Shop saved me; I ran in (at mile 10) needing water NOW. I filled a cup with half lemonade (shh) & half water to save my blood sugar & hydrate. SUCCESS!

I don’t recommend getting to the point where its necessary to stop into a local breakfast shop and ask for a cup of water. I DO recommend stopping if you need to, because it will make all the difference to listen to what those muscles are asking for!

11.10 miles, 1:36 & Alive


On warm days, my favorite recovery  food is Greek Yogurt! With a good Protein:Carbohydrate ratio, it’s ideal for those tired muscle fibers. Thanks to Chobani, for sending me a pack of their newest flavors!

2.20 036 2.20 037

Black Cherry Chobani
1/4 c Kashi (extra protein + carbs!) 
Chocolate Chips

This combination will not disappoint the taste buds, DOTR approved!


Did your weekend include a dose of sweat?



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25 responses to “Hydration Lesson & Recovery Yogurt

  1. YOUCH! that does NOT sound fun.. its crazy how much our body relies on water! oh i got my sweat on this weekend with some interval runs!

  2. That yogurt looks amazing! Love the idea of adding chocolate chips!

    I just ordered myself a camelbak yesterday, I had been using a handheld, but usually emptied it within a first half of a run leaving me miserable for the second half.

  3. Mamacita

    No fun to be dehydrated but sounds like the lesson was learned. No school today so had yogurt with fresh strawberries and pineapple for breakfast plus made some French breakfast muffins courtesy of Colorado Cache cookbook. Quite tasty and light. I will make them for you and D next time you 2 visit. Always enjoy reading your blog.

    Love, Mamacita

  4. I ran out of water this weekend as well – not as desperately, but I definitely thought about stopping every single person and begging for a slosh. Yuk.

  5. I did 9 miles on Saturday and was so sweaty afterwards that there was salt caked on my face – gross!

  6. Nice run! Your recovery food looks TASTy! mmm

  7. girl I have been there way too many times. The humidity in TX will do that to you. I now own 2 fuels belts and keep one in my car and one at the condo. Lesson learned, the hard way!

  8. Wanting to drink the river water is PRETTY parched! 😉 Nowadays I’ve been overpreparing bc on the trails I’d just rather have more layers and water and fuel than necessary JUST TO BE SAFE. Sometimes I wish I had one less layer, but usually I’m happy to have extra shot bloks or whatever.

    That black cherry chobani looks mighty tasty! I love the Trader Joe’s non fat black cherry yogurt. So yummy!

    • Heather C

      Ha, yes, Parched was the word of the day. Next time I’ll do things Sassy-style and be OVER-prepared. Much better than under.

  9. Lee Grillo

    Just to let you know–all of those new awesome Chobani flavors (cherry, lemon, mango) are available at the Glendale Super Target on Colorado Blvd!!!!
    And the dry wind here will dehydrate you faster than anything!!

  10. Naughty girl!!! You know how important hydration is!!! SO glad you found that waffle place to fill up! Yikes!!!

  11. First of all, I SO wish we could be running buddies (sensing our pace is similar…) 2nd, it’s getting warmer here and my last 2 outdoor runs have been HOT, so I’m very aware of my hydration. Thankfully, there are water fountains on my favorite trail, but I know for longer runs, it’s smart to bring water with me.

  12. I love Cho after a workout. I generally don’t run long/far enough to really warrant post-run nutrition, but I usually eat a snack anyway! I hate to drink milk, so yogurt is a much better choice to me. I’m legit excited about the lemon flavor. I hope some of my local stores will carry it so I wont have to drive all the way to Whole Foods. Hear that Chobani people?? Cho at all Publix locations!

    I always have to run with gum b/c my mouth gets so so dry. I get thirsty in like 4 mins.

  13. I LOVE greek yogurt with kashi cereal and choc chips, too! At least now I know it really is good for me. I had it Saturday after my 10 mile run and again today after strength training. Have a great day!

  14. I’ve definitely thought about asking passing cyclists for a sip of their water….it would be so worth it sometimes!

  15. Hydration was a HUGE issue for me after my first half marathon last fall. It left me feeling like utter death. I had totally underestimated how much hydration I needed for that race, or that I should have taken gu with me. Two things I will never, ever, do again.

  16. I can’t believe you went out for 11 miles sans h2o! No way could I survive that. Awesome job getting it done!

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