When Shiny Things Distract You

Some days it can be too hard to focus.

Some days songs like this are on repeat and you’re tempted to have a dance fiesta in your living room, instead of catching up on Nutrition news or lacing up the running shoes.

funny-pictures-cat-has-dance-skills VS. shoes 003
Image source.

Some days you have a thick baked pretzel for dinner at the movie theater because you’re enjoying a Free advanced premiere and a date night. And it was tasty.

Some days the only fruit in the house is a mashed banana and you realize that better fruit-for-the-week planning is necessary, but hasn’t happened yet.

Some days you miss the sights of DC, but look out your window and remember to appreciate where you are, for right now.

7.22 021 …..Boulder 002

Some days, you just need a little reminder to FOCUS. Thanks for that, Lindsay!


This weekend, I have a few things to set my focus on:

  • Another round of Friday Night Yoga & Vino
  • 11 miles on deck, during a sunny 54* forecast
  • A “Holiday” weekend extra day to hang out with him
  • Grocery shopping and a new baking experiment with Lemon Chobani
  • Despicable Me, waiting patiently in the DVD player (heh….)

What’s your focus being turned to this weekend?



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13 responses to “When Shiny Things Distract You

  1. runyogarepeat

    Despicable Me is so cute!

  2. Holly

    I have 9 miles tomorrow; I love running in sunny mid 50 weather here.

    And, where do you find lemon CHO here? My Kings only has 4 flavors and lemon is NOT one of them. I’m assuming Whole Foods may have em?

  3. i’m running 10 (or 11 or 12) miles tomorrow for the first time in, ohh, 3 years? WHOMP!

    also, your blog = shiny thing that just distracted me. now off to make some cupcakes!

  4. Elizabeth

    There’s nothing wrong with a distracting, impromptu dance fiesta.

    In fact, I have them at work all the time – if bouncing in my chair counts.

  5. Lauren Calcote

    “It’s so fluffy I’m going to dieeee!!!!!”

    hehehehe. So happy you appreciate that movie! I have to focus on Vegas 😀 😀 love you seester! Have a good weekend 🙂 I’ve been very disciplined following my training plan! yay!

  6. THEY ARE COMING OUT WITH A LEMON CHOBANI????!! I’m a little too excited about that. I loooove cho and love lemon flavored things. Do you know when it is supposed to be out in stores?

    You know you are a nerd when you are this excited about yogurt.

    • Heather C

      HA, wow Carrie…you really do love you some lemon-flavored stuff! 😉 I’m not sure when it’s “coming out” – but hopefully soon!

  7. oh thank Heather! Its so good we can be real and support each other in this! Thats why I continue to blog, ya know? and free food on date night is the best. hehe.

  8. Girls night & bridesmaid dress shopping! eeeeeek!!

  9. Sounds like a fantabulous plan for the weekend! Enjoy all the little distractions along the way 🙂

  10. love, love, love that video. Although I watched it first before returning to this post. FOCUS!!! Anyway, those are all great plans. looking forward to your baking experiment! xoxo

  11. My weekend has been really low key! A baby shower this afternoon and nothing planned for tonight. I like it. 🙂 Hoping for good weather for a long bike ride tomorrow.

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