Boston, Tempo & CHO

Three Things Thursday*

1) I have a goal, this one is no secret.


As many of you in the Run community have probably heard by now, the BAA is switching things up! Basically, all qualifying times have been changed by 5 minutes, across the board. In addition to that, there is a staggered registration process, allowing those with faster times register sooner.

Personally, I’m not expecting a 3:35 finish by this Fall, much less a 3:15 Finish! My goals aside, I honestly do think things needed to be modified and updated. Running has taken on a new life, and that race sold out in a matter of minutes last Fall. People needed a new challenge, and now they’ve got it!

What are your thoughts on the new BQ times? The DC Rainmaker wrote his own analysis; interesting thoughts and observations, assuming your attention span lasts longer than mine did. (Thanks, Ivan, for passing this along!)


2) Getting back on track to meet that goal (which I’m still keeping at 3:40, because I make my running rules around here), I finally convinced the legs to do some speedwork.

Let’s ignore the fact that this was preceded by two challenging Yoga classes (not my smartest moment), and instead focus on the sunshine. THE 60* SUNSHINE!

So Glorious. I rolled up my mat, changed yoga crops for running shorts, and headed straight to Wash Park for a few Tempo laps.

tempo.wp knot

Ah, speedwork is hard. I was feeling the void that months away from it has left in my lung capacity and heart rate efficiency. Whew! Still, I made it through the planned 3 miles for an average pace a little faster than planned – success!

Fail: tying a triple knot in the LS shirt that I took off mid-run and barely being able to get it off once I was done. Next time I’ll just dress weather-appropriately.


3) Chobani (aka CHO!) came out with some new flavors!! They sent me a sampler package to test them out, and let’s first take a peek at the address label:


All future mailings can include my web site, and that would make my day!

In a dessert mood, I chose to taste-test the Very Berry…with some chocolate chips. Those two go together so smoothly…

100_0646 100_0647

While it’s not as thick as their original flavors, I did enjoy the berry mixed right in (instead of on-the-bottom), and it was sweet-t0oth-satisfying!


Happy Thursday! And if you have thoughts on the BAA changes, discuss!



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12 responses to “Boston, Tempo & CHO

  1. I was wondering your thoughts on the Boston matter, don’t sell yourself short chica, that BQ is yours, whether it’s this year or next I know you have it in you!!! Good job on the tempo run!

  2. Thanks for sharing that link to DC Rainmaker… good overview. But now I am even more depressed. 😉

    I’m still chasing 3:40 whether it gets me in or not. Let’s do it!

    Awesome on the warm day & tempo run!

  3. I’ve been reading your blog for a bit now and wanted to comment!
    First, don’t sell yourself short-you could surprise yourself! And as for the changes in BQ times, I think it’s a good thing…Boston is supposed to be this amazing marathon that you work your butt off to qualify for…now it’s just going to be a little bit harder.

    • Heather C

      I totally agree! It’ll be a little harder to get there, and maybe it won’t happen by November, but now we all have something more to work towards 🙂

  4. I LOVE it when people address things to Living with Healthy Hunger. Makes me feel official. 😉

    Nice run! I think I want one of those Garmins – my Forerunner 205 isn’t reliable and it’s HUGE.

  5. Ooh, I would actually prefer Chobani that wasn’t as thick as their standard. The times I’ve tried it, I just felt it was too thick for my liking.

    Nice weather you’re having out there! I was a little disappointed to see the Boston standards change, but kind of knew it was coming. I still see a 3:40 as a possibility but not 3:35. Who knows… I have a TON of other marathons I want to do not just Boston so it’s not the end of the world to me. Top on my list (in addition to Boston) are Cincinnatti Flying Pig, CIM, SF marathon and NYC.

  6. ya, I am kinda up in the air about it too. No way will I get a 3:35 this year but i like that they are extending the registration. And nice job on that speed work, whoa!

  7. my thoughts are already on the interwebs, but i think 3:40 is still a fantastic goal to shoot for, regardless of whether or not you can run boston. it still means you are freakin fast, it still means you just ran 26.2 – that, in itself, is such a huge accomplishment. hugs!

  8. I’m super bummed about the changes. But I loved how you said that you are still making the running rules for your body. I am going to stick with the 3:40 goal and I don’t care if I get in to Boston. I’m shooting for it just the same.

  9. I have every confidence that you will make it there, Heather. The harder part will be getting through the crowd of people trying to beat you out for registration!

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