Acro-Yoga: We Come Together & Fly

Our Friday night class (i.e. V&V) took a turn for the interesting last week; we had partners, we flew, we threw out the boundaries…and it was awesome.

AcroYoga 001

On another note, this is belated shout-out to Hailey, who introduced herself to D & I at V&V – it was fun to meet you, and hopefully you come join us again! 🙂

On one other note, welcome to the store! A little glimpse into where I spend many days.

Back to being acrobats! We started with a few group stretches & massages; yes, massages. Get comfortable, people.

AcroYoga 004

Can you find me? The RB, Martha, is hiding in there, too!

Massaged and more familiar with our mat-neighbors than we were before, we stretched. This is not your typical downward-dog or back-bend, but whoa does it lengthen those muscles:

AcroYoga 005 AcroYoga 007

No, my heels aren’t usually that close to that mat. Feels gooood.

Finally, we got into the real stuff. “Find a partner, we’re going to Fly.”
Whew, here we go. After a quick demonstration, we learned there’s a base and a “whale” (flattering name for the Flier, yes?). The base strongly grabs the whales’ ankles, places his/her heels along the base of the shoulder blades (flexed feet), and stretches his/her arms and legs into a V.

Base-people, you don’t need to be prepared to bench press your body weight, or more. You’ll find that sweet spot, and will suddenly feel like you’re barely holding anything, much less a person.

AcroYoga 010

The Demo: Well, yes, of course you make it look so easy…

AcroYoga 012 AcroYoga 013

Each group had a spotter; nah, we can fly without it!

AcroYoga 016 AcroYoga 017 AcroYoga 019 

So. Fun. However, Yogis! Don’t go running to your mat tonight telling the boy/gal to hold you up – spotters are definitely needed for the first go-round, and it’s a tricky sequence that could cause some damage. If there’s a partner-yoga studio/class around you, go get it!


I was later (after a glass of vino) approached by one of our Boulder Ambassador-alumni (who was there as one of many Teacher- Spotters), who asked “Do you want to fly again?” Glass of Chardonnay in hand, I agreed (?!) and proceeded to do things I didn’t think were allowed by gravity, or human balance. When the Pros have got you on their feet, you listen and DO. It was an experience, to say the least. I’m already talking to our team about seeking out a class, and going for Round 2!


All crazy acrobatics aside, this was such a refreshing reminder of what Yoga (or any activity you’re truly passionate about) will do; it will bring a community together.

It puts you in a room with strangers, and can often be a selfish practice – focus on you, meet yourself where you are in each pose, take your gaze inside and think about your intention for being there. But, then look around. The person next to you would spot you if you needed it; they would help you in a handstand, or stretch your back in a forward fold, or let you fly for just a few seconds, to see what it’s like.

Today, look around at your own personal community; remind yourself that you’re surrounded by people who support you, love you, and would gladly lend a hand if you  need it or ask for it. Be grateful for each person that comes to mind.

Happy Valentines Day!



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23 responses to “Acro-Yoga: We Come Together & Fly

  1. That looks awesome! Love the photo documentation too! You have such an interesting job and I love that you share it with us!

  2. Elizabeth


    As much fun as flying looks, I’m not sure I trust myself enough either as a base or…a whale. (You’re right – that needs a different name.)

    Maybe you can demonstrate when you visit?

  3. what a wonderful experience. I did that once in a yoga certification class. It feels unreal! I would totally fly (especially after some vino). And thank you for always supporting and encouraging us! Cheers!

  4. This post makes me excited about the group interview this Thursday. 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. Wow. so very cool! I’d be nervous to trust the other person but then again, yoga is so much about surrendering, I guess I’d just have to surrender my fears and give in to the adventure, right?

  6. Love all the pics. I can’t imagine being the flier/whale. Scary! But looks fun. I know I always cringe when we do partner stuff in boot camp during the yoga section, but I really should just let it go. It’s not sooo bad. 😉

    I think more than anything our society just isn’t accustomed to being open with strangers so that causes a bit of the hesitation.

  7. Wow oh wow! Sounds like quite the experience and I love how you’ve tied it all together with the concept of “community”. Great post!

  8. when i was a little kid, my dad would “fly” me around. 🙂

  9. that looks like such an awesome class! 🙂 the photos DID make me want to ask my fiance to help me “fly”, but don’t worry, i won’t.

  10. I went to a yoga class a couple weeks ago where the instructor put on Bob Marley and told us all to sing. It was fun.

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  12. Acro is amazing! When I was living in Kenya I practiced yoga with a lot of acrobats and dancers- they were MADE for acro and were amazing bases. I would have trusted them to hold me upside down by one toe. I need to get back into it!

  13. that is friggen awesome!!!

  14. Julia

    Glad you met my friend, Hayley! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and when she moved to Denver, I told her she must follow it, too! Our lululemon here in Charlotte has Saturday morning yoga, and although it’s always great, no wine is included (it has to be 5 o’clock somewhere)!

  15. I did partner yoga when I was in Costa Rica…it was a lot of fun! Definitely would recommend it for people to try out.

  16. Just catching up and have to say this looks SO fun!!

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