Winner, Ryder & Hot

My back, abs, and arms are sore. This lactic-acid infused Friday seems to be a recurring theme here! And, on a side note, I did hold side-crow for a few seconds on one side – small progress, but I will take it.

Another side note, there’s a small announcement to make…

The Winners! are:

2.4 040 2.4 036

MovesnMunchies, Katie, Heather Cox, Jeri, Brynn, Joyce, Marlene, Nicole, Dorry, and Alicia!

Whew, that was a lot of random number generating.

Thanks for participating!! Ladies, please send your mailing addresses to . Your prizes will go out asap!


Ryding and Lifting

D joined me and 10 other lululemon gals for a Qi Ryders class yesterday morning! We signed ourselves up for a good 50 minutes of ryding, having no idea what else was in store. Spin bikes that move should be enough of a challenge, yes?

ryder Lean left, right; lift your arms; lift one arm at a time (and lean each way), turn up the resistance; Stand! Sit! Ride! Now, get off the bikes and start a circuit!

Um, hold on….OFF the bike? Uh oh…

The class then spent ~20+ minutes rotating through the following: plank + running in place (with our feet in TRX suspension handles), partner sit-ups, boxing (fun! But ouch), arm balancing, wall-sits, step-ups (30 on each leg x 2…feel the burn), tricep dips, and Pull-ups.

Don’t rest, because if you think about relaxing there’s no coming back!

We got back on the bikes for some Spin action and finally got to the cool-down.
That’s one way to wake up!


I followed up that with some Hot Yoga last night; besides some at-home stretching, me and that mat had missed each other for a few days too long. Alex uses a style similar to Bikram for these classes – standing, balancing, then back strengthening before finally laying and resting.

We really focused on that back strengthening thing, and I’m really feeling it today. Combined with my sore-core, perhaps I’ll stand a little taller during a run this morning!


How have you been sweating this week?

I’m back in Colorado, about to head out on the snow-packed sidewalks again. So, as a reminder that Spring and summer will eventually get here and I’ll eventually get warm sunshine again, I bring you one last beach scene…

Texas 023

Here’s hoping that sun makes it north and melts this winter stuff.

Happy weekends!



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16 responses to “Winner, Ryder & Hot

  1. ah man they are lucky ducks!!! i have been doing a lot of interval running and cardio circuits!

  2. Why must you torment me with those glorious beach pictures?!?!? 🙂

    That spin class sounds intense!!! Great job girl!

  3. Is that Alicia me by chance? or did you have a non-blogger named Alicia win? I wasn’t sure with the lack of hyperlink 🙂 I hope it’s me!

  4. YAY KATIE!!! I’m so excited 🙂

    that workout sounds KILLER. you are going to have ridiculous abs, girl.

  5. WHOA! That is an intense but WAY cool spin class! I wish they had that around here, I’d LOVE to try it!! You must be sportin’ some major DOMS action today huh? Awesome. PS I love those stickers, I just had a bunch made through Megan too!

    • Heather C

      Ha, I sure am sporting the DOMS! Mostly lower back, abs and arms. Luckily my legs held a little stronger through this round 😉

  6. I am soooooo excited!!!!!! I love your four word mantra! Thanks Heather!

    Love that photo on the beach. I’m been a bit under the weather so not as much sweating as I would hope for, but I’ve managed a couple good runs (and an outdoor run planned this afternoon) and a lot of home yoga and stretching.

    Happy Friday!

  7. The beach looks HEAVENLY!

    Thanks for the WIN – just shot you an email. 🙂

    Ohmigosh those bikes look INSANE. I would love to try a class like that. Intense! Awesome workouts all around. I’m going back to hot yoga Sunday and can’t WAIT!!!

  8. Mmm I could seriously go for some hot yoga right now. But doing it after your spin class? Holy cow!

  9. That Ryding thing seems very cool. I would LOVE that.

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  11. purpleshoe runs

    Hope your time in Texas was glorious! and that class sounds fun!

  12. YAY i won! I never win! WAHOOOO!!!!

  13. Mamacita

    Love the beach pic of you and Emily. Wow, I need a beach weekend. This weekend has been a tough one for obvious reasons. Anyway glad you had a great visit with Emily.

    Love, Mamacita

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