I Blame the Pure Barre & Squats

I DID take the week off from running; I did NOT rest, altogether.

My quads are sore, my arms are stronger, my core is planning its own one-woman show, my back  holds itself a little higher and my shoulders are ready to master side-crow.

sidecrow.1 sidecrow.2

Image sources: Left, Right.

Yes, with a little more strength, practice and balance, I’ll get there, right? Right.


In an effort to simply mix it up, stay away from running but not all forms of activity, my week ended up looking like this:

Monday: Anusara at Samadhi; per my request we focused on arm-balances and inversions. Little did I know what I was in for…Side-crow challenge: ACCEPTED.

Tuesday: Anusara at Karma; always a hand-stand involved with this teacher, or at the very least, something that gets us upside-down. Half an hour against the wall practicing back-bends, inverted downward-dogs (?) and “L-position” had my shoulders talking. And they’re chatty shoulders.

Wednesday: Okay, the arms get a break! So, I tried Pure Barre, thinking it was a more leg-intensive class.

purebarremethod Image source.

Wrong. I was so wrong.

When I signed in I was told to grab “A set of heavy weights, a set of light weights, a ball and a strap”. Um, what? Don’t I just need two good hands to hold onto the Barre on each side?! Sheesh.

We started with free weights, doing arm exercises (ouch). Then we did core; then we did at least three variations of squats (with pointed toes) at the barre (ouch); then we did more core; then we did seated leg lefts and hip strengtheners (aka “muffin-top” focused moves…); then we did seated abs; then we did abs with the ball behind the lower back.

Then, I thought my ab-muscles were literally going to start popping off their hinges. If that’s possible, it definitely would have been happening. I have never felt a burn like that! Well done, PB. Well. Done.

Thursday: GIVE ME CARDIO! I needed to sweat; not from shaking in plank or a squat or an arm balance. A REAL sweat from getting that heart-rate going.

Morning: D joined me and a friend at a 6:00 a.m. Spin + Core class. I prayed to anyone who listens that my core would survive that second part, somehow. Luckily, it was more spin than the latter. We focused on speed, strength and RPMs for a solid 45 minutes! Then we did squats and frog-stretches (otherwise known as a “wide squat”, apparently).

What?! Core, please??

This was followed by 1 minute plank holds, on each side. Whew, that I can handle.

….Night: I joined Cait (and recruited Martha, heh, RBs unite!) for hot yoga. One of my favorite teachers and another chance to sweat? Sure, why not.


Welcome to FRIDAY. I’m resting, enjoying some free time this morning, and gearing up for our Free yoga class tonight!

Lactic acid, be gone! Tomorrow, we run.

Have you tried Pure Barre?! Please tell me it was a good workout! If not, I have a teacher in Denver waiting for you…



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17 responses to “I Blame the Pure Barre & Squats

  1. Oooh pure barre sounds awesome! We have “Bar Method” in nyc which I have been dying to try. Physique 57 which I love has a bar, those things are MIS!!

  2. Oooh, I’ve never tried anything like that, sounds awesome! I bet your hips and arms will be thanking you next week, even if they are grumpy now. nice week!

  3. Pure Barre sounds awesome!! And VERY much like Core Fusion, actually. Hmm now I wonder if there’s a class I could try around here. I think I’d love it!

  4. Jamie

    Is the yoga class indoors? I checked out the website and saw the free Friday class but I have never been to the store. I told my friend about it though and we want to check it out soon. It combines three of my favorite things: yoga, wine, and free!

  5. i’d love to try out that barre class. I’ve heard amazing things! Hope you rest has helped. I know we all need that in order to enjoy our runs.

  6. What a week! I wish I’d been that active this week – I managed all of my training runs, but the snow and ice has left me in a bit of hibernation mode. We’re not used to this weather down here! I’m sure you are excited about your run tomorrow – I know I would be. 🙂

  7. i have not tried anytype of barre class but now i want to

  8. Oh man, you are my idol. I have never attempted side crow, but know that my curvy rear and ab strength don’t stand a chance (at this point) to mimic ANYTHING like what the women in those photos are doing. I’ve not taken a barre class, but have heard good things about it.

  9. I have ZERO doubt that you’ll be rocking those poses in no time. Just make sure you can hold them long enough for the self timer to share with us. I am in AWE!

    Sounds like some fun variety this week. HELLO CROSSTRAINING! Go muscles!

    Enjoy the return-to-running!!

  10. Take it easy on your run tomorrow. Good luck

  11. I LOVE Bar Method classes! I just wish they were a little less pricey. I always left those classes feeling like jello haha

  12. I really want to try a Pure Barre/bar method class! I’ve heard they’re awesome works and this girl needs a core workout…

  13. Somewhere in my future, I will master the poses in those pictures. Sigh…..
    Your barre class reminds me of Black Swan….eeeekkkkk!

  14. Good for you for branching out and finding new, interesting ways to be active! I took a ballet class in college, and it ended up being all former high-school athletes more accustomed to jump-squats than jetés. Talk about muscles you didn’t know you had! I bet the class is the same way.

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