Admitting the Fault

It’s mine.

It’s staring at me from the January RW Log that reads weekly mileage jumping all over the board (26,11, 33, 25), switching inserts without caution, and testing new cleats on my Spin shoes without the correct (unbeknownst to me, at the time) adjustments.

Hello, naivety, welcome back!


I’ve never been injured, so I don’t really recognize the signs or pay much attention to the warnings. I’m not injured YET, and I’d like to keep it that way.  I tend to be a little care-free with my training experiments, and never worry too much about consequences that might result of that.

Last Friday, during my 13-miler, I felt some tightness in what I assume to be my IT Band…it wasn’t so painful that I had to stop, but it was a localized discomfort that definitely had me worried. In addition to that, my left Knee has been utterly confused as to what I’m doing. During the run, it’s fine. After many runs (not all), it’s tender and uncomfortable unless I’m icing it or bending it.

I’m admitting the Fault, and taking this week EASY. I’ve ignored the training plan, and hit the mat! Monday and Tuesday both included 75 minute Anusara classes that have my arms and shoulders wondering what happened to that leg-heavy run thing.

After revealing my shorts-and-tee-shirt-run, Denver rebounded:

snow19th snow.2

Uh huh, I get it. It’s still winter. FINE.

Happily staying off the roads and out of the cold, I tested a new yoga studio. Samadhi, you have won my yogi-heart:

Samadhi Samadhi.2

Arm balances, inversions, hip-openers and lunges replaced the miles from Monday and Tuesday. I’m now sore in the best way, stretched out, and currently feeling no remnants of either nagging pain – success!


What do you do to prevent injury? Have you run through the pain to fight it later, or beat it before it’s serious?

In the past I’ve iced, rested, and gotten right back into the swing without any issues. Hopefully that will be the case again!



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16 responses to “Admitting the Fault

  1. Good call resting up to look after this before it becomes more serious! I hope everything feels good after a few days off running.

  2. Girl, I hear ya! Its really a humbling experience. Not yet injured but you know the starting signs. That is why I hop in the pool or go to more yoga. You are smart for knowing!

  3. Rest up! Take it from me, being injured is NO fun! 🙂

  4. Liz

    After one serious injury, that was enough for me to be cautious. Definitely rest or you may regret it!

  5. Elizabeth

    I’m way more cautious now – maybe overly so – after my whole hip debacle. But I’d rather take it too easy than have to do all my marathon training in just a month again.

  6. Good job on listening to your body. Running on anysort of injury will only make it worse. I’ve totally done it to myself and it’s no fun, and not smart at all. Nice work on the yoga instead!

  7. purpleshoe runs

    reading your blog makes me think I have GOT to do more yoga! ps I’m making your baked red potatoes this week : )

  8. Isn’t it nice when mother nature keeps you safe in the best way? 🙂 Sometimes those injuries just aren’t meant to be. Be careful and keep up the balance btwn stretch and running. I know foam rolling always helps my IT band a lot.

  9. I was just emailing with Lindsay about this yesterday and we were talking about running form. It’s not something I know enough about and after certain runs, I definitely have some knee pain. It’s time for me to get some new shoes, too! There’s a lot to be on top of when we’re physically active on a regular basis. I try not to run through the pain, but if I feel pain after a run, I make sure to stretch/foam roller/ice extra.

    Hope you are feeling 100% injury-free! That yoga will do wonders. 🙂

  10. TAKE IT EASY!! you dont have to stop cold turkey.. but def decrease the intensity… otherwise you will hurt it more and have be worse in the long run!

  11. Be careful!!! I am super prone to injury-my ligaments don’t hold my joints together well at all. Definitely listen to your body, and if it doesn’t go away I would strongly encourage you to see a MD and a PT. Your body will make a lot of unconscious adjustments to either try not to hurt or to be in the proper alignment…and those can be very hard to reverse after a long time.

    I hurt my back really badly about 6 years ago. Well, I didn’t injure it. It just started hurting one day. And then never ever stopped. My SI joint is partially dislocated and b/c I ignored it and then got some bad treatment, it is pretty much permanent. So I am CRAZY careful when I run my baby runs. I’m trying to super super carefully add time and mileage without hurting myself. I’m so competitive and impatient, so I tend to go overboard and then be jacked up for a week or two. I really think about each step, how I’m holding my body, how my foot is landing. If a new part of me hurts after a run, I will figure out what it is and try to work on strengthening and stretching. I run through the little, everyday pains but I have to listen to my body and stop if it is outside of my normal pain levels. Be careful!! Don’t be as stupid as me! Listen to your body : )

  12. When getting back into a running routine, I made sure that I balanced out the amount of running (or any impact sport) with pilates. Seems like my pilates is your yoga 🙂 What I love about pilates is that it strengthens the core and also allows me to realize during the movements when things are tight. When I was only running day by day, I never recognized the deeper imbalances and soreness that was building up. Yoga and Pilates allows you to recognize that.

    I agree with those above and just listen to your body. Seeing a sports massage therapist also helped me.

  13. Luke

    Samadhi is the one down by my office, right? I have yet to try it. Guess I will now if it gets good reviews from you!

  14. Holly

    I am actually dealing with a knee injury now and am anxiously awaiting my first run in almost 2 wks. When resting and icing for a couple days didn’t make the nagging pain cease, I decided to visit a PT. After learning I’ve got an inflammed ligament, I’ve been following an exercise plan, taking NSAIDs, and icing every night.

    I still don’t know what caused the inflammation but my 15mile weekend after being very lax about my running did NOT help. I’ve built a training schedule for myself, and will ease back into distance. Fingers crossed for a pain free run on Saturday!

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  16. glad you made the smart decision! it will pay off in the long “run”! i love doing alternative activities! yoga is one of my faves! have a great week!

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