13 miles in 70 degrees

When the afternoon becomes your free time, and the sun gives you 70*? GO WITH IT.

I packed all my Long-Run gear and brought it to work on Friday, I knew what that weather-man predicted and I was hoping to take full advantage of it! My mind quickly forgets appropriate attire for warm temperatures; I ended up buying a pair of  Run:Speed shorts and got over-excited to run in them. In January.

Nice, Denver.

{Sidenote: the high is zero for tomorrow. Such a tease.}


Decked out in my Nike tee + shorts, I was more than ready for a sunny 13-miler. And I hope I can type that sentence more than once during this training cycle….

It was a simple out & back on the Cherry Creek Trail. I know this will quickly become my staple for LRs; yes, it gets a little boring…but I don’t have think about where I’m going (or how to get back to where I started), there are no stop-lights or cars, and it provides great distraction in the form of 1) every type of cyclist in the book (commuter, pro-looking racer (?), teenage kid who thinks he needs to stand the whole time and let his flannel button up fly open, older couple out to get their Sweat on, and/or the average rider taking advantage of the sunny day), 2) roller-bladers (Serious), 3) fellow runners and 4) Speed walkers with all the Sass in the world.

Shake it!

I made it to the 5.5 mi turnaround point with ease, headed right back to Cherry Creek and ran the extra mileage home. Easy, mostly uneventful, and WARM – this was a great one to check off the plan:

13mi.1.28 13miG.1.28

Photos courtesy of the blackberry, nice n’ fuzzy.

13 miles, 1:53:xx (avg 8:42 m/m)


It also happened to be FREE Yoga night at lululemon, and I had been planning on that hour of Vinyasa with a teacher I’ve heard only good things about. Post-run Yoga? Why not.

I did take a few moments in child-pose, and did question my sanity when my shoulders continued to burn in long-held  down-dogs…but WOW did it feel good to stretch!

Friday Sweat sesh (x 2): CHECK.


Who else knocked off a great workout over the weekend?

Who else has to resist the urge to comment on the fact that Rollerblades are still around (I’m entertained by them, and am sure it’s a great workout, but hello early-90s….)?



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14 responses to “13 miles in 70 degrees

  1. Sooo jealous of that weather, but too bad it was so short-lived! At least you got to enjoy it. Awesome run!

    lol @ the roller blade comment!

  2. Heather!!! You are making me completely jealous with all of these warm runs and shorts! Obviously, you made a wise choice in moving to Colorado. Just think, you could be running in freezing temps and icy streets right now if you were still in DC. We have another storm posed to hit in the next couple of days.

    I am so glad that life is treating you so well out there.

  3. Liz

    I was at a wedding in Miami last year, and the hotel where everyone stayed at was hosting an inline skating convention…..I only know to call it that because when I called them Rollerblades to a participant he corrected me. So weird!

  4. SO JEALOUS OF YOUR WEATHER! I had 12 on deck and busted them out in freshly fallen, and not cleared, 4+ inches of snow. STRUGGLE!!! But I made it happen. Great job out there girly and good luck with those colder temps today!!! Stay warm!

  5. Girl I did the same thing yesterday! It was 75F and sunny! Long run- YES!! And tomorrow our high is 30F, thats cold for us. Artic blast, no thanks!
    Happy Meatless Monday!

  6. Jen B.

    I didn’t partake in any running this weekend, BUT I did make those Veggie Enchiladas you posted a few days ago. I underestimated the importance of the green chilis and will add more next time. Regardless, they were amazing!

  7. Ahhh I am SO jealous of all of you bloggy friends with WARM temps this past weekned. I would give ANYTHING to have had a chance to run outside with the breeze rushing through my hair. Instsead, faced with morrrre snow this week. I could cry…and it makes me want to move faaar away. Until then, I’ll live vicariously through you ladies, nice work on that run!

  8. runyogarepeat

    I would give anything to run in warm temps & shorts these days. Instead, I’m on the treadmill because it is below zero today. I love the winter & snow but definitely not the cold.

  9. sigh…like everyone else, I am supremely jealous of your warm temps! I ran 9 this weekend, but it was in the 20s. sigh.

  10. 10 miles on my tm while people watching out the window!!! Great job on your run! I’m jealous of your weather!!

  11. We had 70 degree temps this weekend too. It got colder today, but only in the low 50s or high 40s, not zero!

  12. i’m so jealous that you even got one glorious day like that! i don’t remember what 70* feels like!

    also, totally with you on the rollerblades. i hated them even when they were popular – i fell once and got the worst road rash ever.

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