Alignment and a Sun Run

Before this post gets going, I just have to say that the comments on yesterday’s post totally made my day. I love publishing things that bring some out of lurk-mode, make some think I could do that! (yes, you totally can. Chatarangas are your friends), and provoke a response from a family member I had no idea even “reads” blogs. HELLO! Good stuff.


In other news, yesterday was gorgeous. Today and tomorrow will follow suit, and I am thanking Denver for spoiling me with a spring-weather-teaser.

1.26 007

Our morning was a little cramped with car-business that needed tending, so by the time I was home, breakfast’d  and ready to get going, it was late. And the sun was out. And I was totally okay with it all.

I chose Yoga first; I went to an hour of “Alignment Flow”, which I highly recommend! The teachers focus more on holding poses and getting every twist, stretch, and arm placement right where it should be. It helps your overall practice improve, and also makes you realize maybe that pose felt easier because you weren’t fully in it. A ha, now it burns, now I gotcha!

I proceeded to almost fall into a siestsa during Savasana; our teacher played the Ukulele! Sweet soft sound, almost put me out for the afternoon. 

Instead of napping, I laced up the running shoes, put on my LS shirt and G. Ready for a few laps around the park, I was greeted with the above scene – blue sunny skies, an open trail, and a 1:30 p.m. run. YES, I’m in!

5 miles, 42:45 – refreshed, Warm and soaking in the rays.

1.26 009 1.26 008 washparkrun

Warm enough to cool-down/stretch in my tank? Denver, you’re good to me.


Have you tried an  Alignment specific class?
This was my second round with that type of instruction, and again, highly recommended!
Is the sun showing its face for you yet? If not, come see me in Colorado. I’ll share.



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10 responses to “Alignment and a Sun Run

  1. just catching up on yesterday and today, wowza! great yoga post, and I’m SUPER jealous of your blue sunny skies…

  2. D@mn you and your sun and tank top! So JEALOUS! Perhaps I need to book a trip to the the parentals so I can soak up some sun and you can drag me to Yoga! Keep it up girly, you’re going to be the blogosphere yoga guru soon! 🙂

  3. Liz

    I can’t believe you are in a tank top! How does the weather compare to DC? (I think I told you we are planning on moving out there summer ’12 and I was worried about the cold, but it looks better than here!)

  4. your denver weather is amazing! i’m jealous! nice run!

  5. A tank top! Clear roads! That gorgeous sunny sky! Ack, I am so jealous. Glad you enjoyed! Sounds like a perfect mid-day workout.

  6. Elizabeth

    Go ahead, rub it in. Sunny days…sidewalks that aren’t covered in snow/slush/ice…outside in a tank top…


  7. never tried an alignment class, but I bet i need to! I’ll have to see if there are any in austin. And I stretched post run in my tank top too, LOVE THAT SUN!

  8. I’m with Lindsay – never been to an alignment class, but I know it would be extremely beneficial! I reeeeally with we could go on a run together. It is sunny here, too which I’m LOVING.

  9. We’ve been having some gloomy weather here in Atlanta, but it’s supposed to get into the 50s this weekend so I’m not complaining.

  10. so jealous of your sun! the sun hasn’t graced us with it’s presence in wisconsin for days. 😦 waahhh.

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