My Home Yoga “Studio”

At the beginning of December, we cleared out the back room, got new furniture (a Lot of it, whoa), and totally revamped the “design” of things around the apartment. We had a vision, and went with it. Three bikes in one room makes it a little crowded, but it’s functional nonetheless!

I just hadn’t tested out its function, yet…

1.25 007

An hour of yoga in the morning always starts my day right, but wow are those muscles of mine tight at 7 a.m.. The majority of my late morning/early afternoon was spent in front of a computer, and suddenly I was over it. At 2 p.m. I chose a Yoga-break instead of a computer-screen staring contest. I rolled out my mat, and had no plan or routine. I was amazed at how warmed-up/flexible I felt, compared to that early hour, and I went with it!

Plan 1) USE the yoga room! Check.
Plan 2) Document progress
(which I meant to do after my 25-day Yoga challenge, and never did). Here we go…

1.25 010 1.25 011


Stretch, wake up the I’ve-been-sitting-for-hours muscles, and get ready to Flow.

Ready now? Here’s one of my favorite flows – it was the first “challenging” pose that really came easily to me and felt fun to experiment with. Crow –> Headstand:

1.25 012 1.25 013

1.25 015 1.25 016 1.25 014



1.25 025

The challenge now is to see how long I can hold that. Long enough for the self-timer on the camera – leading up to one+minute? We’re getting there. The shoulders and abs usually cooperate, as long as there’s no fear of what my feet will hit in the event my balance fights gravity. Crow –> Headstand: check!

And while we’re upside down, we might as well get in a few handstands, right?

1.25 026 I can’t hold this free-standing quite yet, it’s something I practice often and love the challenge of – flex the feet, bring hips over shoulders, and engage that core.


Next up: Eagle! The first Bikram class I attended (i.e. my first Yoga class) involved this twisting pose; my palms weren’t even close to touching. Wrap my right foot around my left calf? Really? That didn’t happen. Now…

1.25 022 (Sidenote: That one is not so easy to get into within the 10 second self-timer window.)

…it’s another favorite. The leg twist success is satisfying (and makes it a little easier to balance), my hips will level with me, and the arm twist provides the best shoulder stretch (pull your elbows out and up – you’ll feel it).  Eagle: check!

While we’re twisting, let’s open up the shoulders. Another pose that didn’t come easily, but is so satisfying once those fingers can link together: The bind.

1.25 017 1.25 018

Check! My groin and hip muscles aren’t yet the biggest fans of this decision, but they go with it. And that’s all I ask for now!

Rest, breathe, take it all in, and relax.*

1.25 023 1.25 031

*After inversions, always give the back a good stretch! Wheel or bridge, spinal twists & laying in savasana for as long as you want 😉 .

Clearly I had fun during my first “class”in my Home Yoga Studio. I’ll be back there often, and love that My space is there for me whenever I want it.

Do you practice (yoga or any other free-form exercise) at home? As many posts have mentioned, there are tons of Free downloads, podcasts, etc available so you don’t always have to pay the fee to be at a studio! I love the class atmosphere, and having interaction with instructors to keep you challenged and moving forward. But, I also loved doing things on my terms! All you need is some open space and a creative mind.



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36 responses to “My Home Yoga “Studio”

  1. Jul

    Kind of a silly request, but I’d love to see a post about how you do your hair! Love the cute side braids. 🙂

  2. How long have you been practicing yoga? I admire all the poses you can do while posing for a camera. You look like the models in my catalogue!

  3. I am in AWE of your strength and flexibility (especially being a runner!) when you haven’t *really* been practicing yoga all that long. Sooo impressive!!!

  4. I love this post! SO impressed with all of your self-timed photos. I practice yoga at home, but not for as long as I should. It’s definitely incorporated into just about everyday, but sometimes just for 10 minutes. 🙂

  5. Love your purple top! Crow to headstand is one I’d really love to master. Guess I need to work on it a bit more often. 😉 I pretty much only do at home yoga, but want to make myself take some classes.

    Taking all those photos with a 10 sec timer must have been a wee bit difficult. You take like 5 for every one you’re trying to get just right.

    • Heather C

      Classes are what really challenge me! I love doing my own thing, but I don’t challenge myself as much 🙂

      And yes, there were some funny self-timer fails, haha.

  6. Elizabeth

    I thought for sure you had D take those photos. Well done, my dear.

    And, you know, Ivan’s hair probably is long enough now for at least one of those braids…

  7. super fun post! And very impressed with self timing camera skills. And the going upside down skills!

  8. Holy crap you are flexible! Especially for a runner!!! I definitely cannot do that bind OR get my toe behind my calf in eagle. Sadly I don’t think my toe will ever go behind my calf in eagle – it’s not getting ANY closer!

    We experimented with crow in the advanced class I took last weekend and I couldn’t quite get it but I would really love to learn it. I should start practicing at home.

    I am also SUPER impressed with that crow -> headstand move, that is awesome!

    • Heather C

      Crow (and all inversions) just take a lot of trust – engage every muscle and know that your body Wants to stay up, not fall. 🙂 You’ll get it!

  9. I want a home studio! Jealous. I do yoga in the living room and the husband/cat always walks by and bothers me.

  10. ahh i am so jealous! you are such a yoga queeen!! im trying to get into it, but im so inflexible.. HELP!!

  11. i love yoga although i haven’t done it in a couple weeks now. why do we do that…stop doing something we know we really enjoy? i need to jump back on my mat again!

  12. so peaceful. I love it. All you need is a mini heater and you got yourself some hot vinyasa flow yoga!

  13. runyogarepeat

    I do yoga in the lounge in my dorm occasionally because there’s only one small table, and I just set up my mat and do an online audio/video podcast or do my own thing. It’s really convenient for when I have free time or can’t make it to class.

  14. Jason

    Hey Duuuude! Been checking out your blog occasionally at work when I feel like taking a break and nothing grabs my attention on the news sites. I knew you’ve been doing a little yoga, but didn’t realize the human body could bend that way. Told myself “Eagle” didn’t look so hard and tried the arm twisty part at my desk….needless to say my shoulder fell off and is lying on the floor. Abby and I started at Define Fitness earlier this month too. I did a 3 mile run yesterday…haven’t done that since high school soccer! Anyways the blog is great, very entertaining. Sounds like Denver is treating you great!

  15. GEEKED out! This is great!

    I want you to come do my hair…and I’ll need to borrow your wardrobe. Look how good you are getting – like woah!

  16. I’m great at yoga that is more stretchy and contortionist, and terrible at ones that require strength (like knees balancing on my elbows!) All of my ligaments are way too loose, so I can bend and touch and twist in crazy formations. I find I’m much too impatient and jumpy for yoga-which clearly shows I could benefit from it!

  17. EXTREMELY impressed!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  18. Wow your a yoga master!!! mad props your way for twisting your body in ways i didnt think were possible! 🙂

  19. Damn girl! I’m impressed 🙂 Especially with the head stand! It hurts my head when I try to do that 😦

  20. I am incredibly jealous of your arm balances. I have serious chicken arms and average strength in my core, so I’m still building up to crow. It’s my yoga goal for the first quarter of 2011!

  21. Wow! So inspiring. Yoga has always been something I want to love and to master but I give up too quickly. I KNOW how important it is to have flexibility, especially for running, but really for anything, it’s important. I need to give it a second chance, I’d love to get as good as you! Totally awesome.

  22. Go figure, the twisty bendy ones are the “easy” ones to me, where as crow is still impossible. 🙂

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  24. Exact posture and style. Great body work.

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