“Joy is…”

I decided to skip the alarm clock today, and wake up with an hour in Anusara class instead. This 6:30 a.m. class has become my Tuesday routine, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Saluting the “sun”, opening the hips, challenging sleepy muscles with a balance or twist, and then taking a mini-nap resting again in sweet Savasana.

Joy is doing something for myself – stretching and spending an hour practicing something that challenges me – before the sun comes up.

Here’s another sweet thing to wake up to; a quote that puts things in perspective:

Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves
to recognize how good things really are.”  -Marianne Williamson
(Courtesy of my tear-off calendar, Thanks Mom!)

Joy is being outside on  a Saturday morning, enjoying 11 miles of a good long run.

Joy is clicking “purchase”, getting the ticket to finally go and visit a very best friend!

Joy is relaxing at night, with your best friend/significant other; dining, watching your favorite shows, reading side by side, and setting the alarm for your own respective workouts at an early hour!

Joy is checking training runs off the plan, each one bringing me closer to DC.

Joy is fresh groceries, ready to be molded into delicious, healthy home-cooked meals.

Joy is creating another training plan for my Sis, so we can run Half-marathon #2 together!

Joy is fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza, loaded with vegetables – just the way we like it.

Joy is turning OFF the TV, and turning ON the music. I love me some tunes…

Joy is a weekend trip the mountains, because they’re that close and that beautiful.

Joy is opening up the computer to write whatever I want, whenever I want – having the ability to elaborate on what inspires or motivates me, or got me going for that day!

Boulder 002 8.4 004 8.4 024 7.18 005

dukecityhalf 010 marathon! 035 mandukamat 005

Yup, life is good.

What good things are going on for you right now?



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16 responses to ““Joy is…”

  1. Ivan

    Joy is counting down 60 days!

  2. Wonderful post! I like the one you wrote about crossing runs off a training plan!

  3. LOVE this post! Joy for me lately is cooking yummy dinners at home, riding my bike, training runs, watching movies with Billy and being really busy with exciting new opportunities. AND seeing my nieces tomorrow. They always bring me joy. Enjoy your day friend!

  4. planning a wedding to marry my VERY best friend 🙂

  5. Joy is one of my favorite words because its taken so long to actually figure out how to live it. Joy is god’s gift us once we accept who are and embrace life. Which you are doing!
    Cheers to being full of JOY!

  6. Joy is making new healthy recipes!

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  8. Aw, this was a fun post. Joy is MY MIDDLE NAME! I love Marianne Williamson’s quotes. They are always spot on.

  9. Ahhhh, what a refreshing post! Totally what I needed during a particularly chaotic afternoon at work. Sigh.

    Joy is …

    an empty laundry basket! (Ha! As if that ever happens.)

  10. Joy for me is a 20 minute run. For the first time in almost four months!!

    It really is about finding the amazement in everyday things.

  11. Omg I LOVE my morning yoga classes. They are so so so amazing!

  12. Amy

    I love blog posts that are so uplifting – thanks for this one! JOY is sun peeking out on a gloomy day (like today – it peeked out just to say HI, then went back in, but it was so pretty for those 2 seconds); JOY is also sitting down at supper and having my husband say, “thanks, this looks delightful:)” I am so blessed to see and feel JOY everyday!

  13. mamacita

    I have so many joy is . .
    everyone home for the holidays, watching our daughters cross another finish line together in April, planning an awesome Maui vacation for everyone, downloading a book on my Kindle, coaxing a smile from a student, and my list goes on. Love this post Sweetie and love you lots.


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