Taking Care of ____

Yesterday was much needed for some rest, as there were plenty of things that needed taking care of:

My Muscles: They put up with a lot between Monday and Tuesday, without any complaints. Yesterday, my right knee was telling me to slow it down and take the day off. Happily! I know when to take a step back and listen. No running, no spin, no yoga; just rest.

sleepylolcat newfoodprocessor 006

The Kitchen: Without a dishwasher (I know), it’s easy to let things pile up and quickly take over the counter. We’re learning to tag-team and wash immediately, but every now and then it looks like that (see above).

Training Plan, B: The first time I created a plan for the National Half, it was a little over zealous, but slow. Huh? I was jumping right into 40-45 miles per week, but with paces slower than I’m currently running and speed-work that just wouldn’t fit the challenge. It was necessary to revamp, so I now have lower mileage weeks (30-35) with faster paces – the way I like it. I’ll start the LRs on Saturday with 13, building up to 20 (I have my reasons 🙂 ), and landing in DC fully prepared for 13.1 + some.

My Feet: After more than six months and way too many miles, my feet were more than ready for some new shoes. I had a coupon for Roadrunner Sports, and they had the exact same shoe I was wearing. Perfect! I grabbed my size, some new inserts, and was out the door. Easy as that.

I also had an appoint that was long overdue! D got me this card, with a pedicure gift certificate, when I finished the Denver RnR Marathon:

DenverRnRwkend 070

Much better than a Finisher’s medal 🙂 I finally treated my toes to the TLC they’ve been craving since that day, just a few months late. They look normal! Good stuff.


What sort of things have you needed to take care of lately?

Today, it’s a hint of sore throat that I’m preemptively attacking with hot tea + honey, OJ and plenty of fruits + veggies. Winter Cold, you won’t win.



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13 responses to “Taking Care of ____

  1. I could really use a rest day I think but with my hot yoga challenge it makes it kind of hard since I’m literally doing yoga EVERY DAY. Running the last 3 days in a row hasn’t helped either, though. I am declaring tomorrow a rest day! Other than a little 75-min yoga class in the morning 🙂

  2. Elizabeth

    The old apartment had a dishwasher. I never appreciated it so much as when I moved to a place without.

    Good luck with your sore throat attack. Mine got the better of me today. Even with the OJ.

  3. I’ve basically needed more sleep than a human should have…it’s crazy!

  4. Way to take care of yourself, chica. Pedicures are the best. Make my toes and sanity so happy. 🙂 Good for you for taking a rest day. Sometimes you just need it.

    Also, I think your shorter training weeks will be highly beneficial to you. I was really happy with how my training went for Portland on less miles and more cross training! Does this mean you’re planning for a spring marathon?

  5. OH I so need a pedicure again. I’ve got one nasty black toe nail. eek! And a haircut. Geeze, I just realized I might be lookin’ like a mess these days. Enjoy your pedicure. Well deserved.

  6. Awww, NOVIA! Too cute, D. I’m taking care of a shoulder injury and going to a chiropractor for the 1st time ever. I’m excited, nervous and skeptical. But I’m pretty sure I have some soft tissue damage. We’ll see! I’m also taking care of wrapping up my nutrition course.

  7. today i need to take care of my body by GETTING TO THE GYM! i’m craving a good sweaty workout! i’m going right after work so i don’t get tempted by my couch and sex & the city season 6!

  8. Taking care of business baby! Look at you:) Please, come do one of my 20!!

    I think I could live without a dishwasher, but washing all those wine glasses would wear me out, lol.

  9. I have a dishwasher and still things seem to pile up on me! My to do list is a mile long and my drive to do it is no where in site. Good job on showing yours whose boss. Oh and I tagged you over on my blog, although I rarely comment I stalk you daily!

  10. I got married 7 months ago and recently changed my name with the DMV and SS office. I still need to go change it at the bank and with all my bills which I’m dreading.

  11. our apt doesnt have a dishwasher and i HATE it! it will be the first thing i buy when we get a house!

  12. I’m typically bad about taking care of myself BEFORE I absolutely need to—you know, preventing a total mental and physical collapse by resting a little bit now, as opposed to having to rest a LOT later. I’m reminding myself that taking a few days to do jack squat after ACL surgery on Friday morning will actually speed up my recovery, letting me have more active days, sooner, than if I pushed things too soon.

  13. I can’t remember the last time I had a pedi! What a perfect post-marathon treat! Glad you enjoyed.

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