Good Conversations & Goal Coaching

An ambassador came by the store the other day (not unusual, obviously); we started talking about her Spin classes that I’ve been stalking taking regularly, now, and the winter training debacle that is currently my {should-be-running} schedule. That conversation turned into passions for running, the how & why of a Full marathon, the “I ran this one race without training” stories, and yoga-run-spin complementary phenomenon.

I could have stayed in that conversation for hours.

Yesterday, Meghann posted my “First Marathon Story” in her series of sharing runners’ stories to inspire other runners. The response was unexpectedly rewarding, hearing from those who feel the urge to jump for 5K, or 13.1, or 26.2!

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Nothing that I’ve done is extraordinary, or completely of the box, or too crazy. Everything I’ve done has been inspired or motivated by someone else’s story, relating to the same desire for challenges and success. Everything I do is driven by a hunger for progress, change and the adrenaline that comes with accomplishment.

I think about these things often, but tend to stay stagnant until that good conversation happens, and I feel rejuvenated and ready to attack.


Yesterday I had an amazing, long conversation with a co-worker about how we really want to get this Denver lululemon RUN community going. I want to (and will) start leading weekly runs; I want training groups to form with our runners so that we can all reach for something bigger; I want to organize (with said co-worker) a lululemon Race, from start to finish.

All she had to do was ask me about a few of my goals, to see how I was going to move forward from here. Goal-coaching starts, and only needs, a good conversation.


When do you feel the Most Powerful? That’s your “genius”; that’s what should motivate you to mold and create a job that uses your favorite skills.

My answer: after a run, a good conversation, or writing an article that forces me to be introspective and look at the Big Picture.

How can I use that? To relate to people, and then use my expertise to help them achieve a health or fitness goal. I will be a Sports Dietitian; I will be a coach; I will use those skills to reach out and help the every day athlete with a goal.

How can you use your genius?



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13 responses to “Good Conversations & Goal Coaching

  1. I always end up most motivated and inspired after a great conversation with my three unofficial “coaches”: (1) hubs, obvs! (2) marathon clinic instructor/coach and (3) my physiotherapist

  2. Lucas

    I like the idea of the lululemon race, let me know if I can help! I know who to go to for race timing as well 🙂

  3. people inspiring people is what gets us to reach our goals. Without that, we just might always be settling for less. What a great motivator you are!

  4. Very timely post for me! I’m similar to you – I feel most powerful when I’m writing and connecting with people, sharing my perspectives and experiences to relate to something they are going through. When I can help someone – whether just to have a better day or inspire them to take a scary step in life, that’s when I feel the most fulfilled. Also when being physically active. I love setting fitness goals and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.

    Lululemon race sounds like a great idea!

  5. oh great question-
    when I’m laughing, when I’m running, and hmmm when I’m with my good friends. I feel on top of the world when I’m with my girls.

    I can be a friend (especially to girls who are not used to girl friends), I can be a running partner, and I can make hard times easier

  6. If I could ever convince Spike to move to Denver (still trying!!!) I’d so be in for having you as my coach, nutritionist, race director, etc… 🙂 Girl you are going to achieve all this and then some I have no doubt. It’s going to be so fun reading your adventures this year and seeing what you do with the RUN community out there. Maybe by Thanksgiving you’ll have set up your own Turkey Trot I can run! 🙂

  7. This is a great post!! This will sound maybe silly, but I am enjoying watching you work towards your goals. 🙂 it’s awesome!

  8. Jamie

    I ran across your blog because of the running post on Meghann’s. I live in Denver too! I am training right now to run my first 5K but I hope to keep going from there.

  9. I wish i could be apart of an amazing company like Lululemon!

  10. I feel so powerful while I’m running. It’s my time that I let my mind wander to anything, my head is the most clear and I come up with my greatest ideas during a run. The power of positive thinking will get you exactly where you want to go. Very nice post.

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