Adjusting to {Winter, Life} Changes

I live in Denver.

Still with me?

It snows here, a lot. I wasn’t really letting that soak in, as we had months of Indian Summer + cool late Fall temperatures, and zero white precipitation. I had weeks of perfect running weather, and no training plan to accompany it.


cheesmansunset1.5 denver-snow


On the left: Taken last week, as I took a sunset walk around the park.
On the Right: (Source) How things look after Sunday’s winter fit.

Running yesterday was absolutely not an option, unless you had snowshoes and a really hardcore attitude. Instead, I chose 90 minutes of Spin + Yoga that had my sweat glands crying and my quads explaining “This is harder than 6 miles, easy!”.  I loved the replacement, but I’m not sure I can do that 5 days per week instead of 30 miles (total) putting one foot in front of the other. Winter, I’ll adjust. Just be patient with me! And shovel the sidewalks while you’re at it, mmk? Thanks.


You may have noticed a brief mention of our lives being turned upside down, in a matter of days, over the past two weeks. Great opportunities have presented themselves and good changes are soaking in, but  it is a lot to adjust to.

Fun fact: D & I have never spent more than ONE weekend apart; I went to Chicago (HLS), he went on a mountain trip to cycle up and down 80 miles and thousands of feet in elevation.

He’ll now be traveling for work, and that changes immediately. The saving grace here is that we have a weekend in the mountains, and visitors from DC (!!!!!) to look forward to upon his return and their arrival. 🙂 Keep reminding me of that…


How do you train when the sidewalks are snow-packed (aside from the treadmill) ??



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26 responses to “Adjusting to {Winter, Life} Changes

  1. I use yaktraks or these grippy/spikey things I got at Costco for $14 and run anyways – just got in from a 6-mile run on snow covered sidewalks, actually 🙂

    There really is no other option but to run on snow covered sidewalks here because we get a lot of snow in the winter. BUT if the weather is too cold to run I will hit up the indoor track over the treadmill anyday!

  2. We’ve had a lot of snow in the last week or so. The sidewalks and roads have been a mess so there has been a lot of slip-sliding around!

    Exciting news for D and yay for more visitors on the way!

  3. J

    I try to avoid the sidewalks when they are snow covered because I am afraid I will fall. If the roads are fairly clear I will run on the shoulder to avoid the snow, but winter running really takes planning and its hard sometimes when mother nature throws in some curve balls!

  4. jawsome

    I love running in winter! I use microspikes and they help immensly with traction. Also, I run mostly on trails so I get to deal with slippy mud too! It’s a core workout… 🙂

  5. Girl I hear ya, I’m trying to make the best of this winter and so far so good! But yowza’s does it get tough to get out there!!! Just keep staying motivated and focused chica!

    As for D traveling for work, I can tell you this, it will really help you guys maximize the time you spend once he’s home. Spike and I went from a long distance relationship to living together but he’s still gone at least 2-3 days a week traveling for work and although it make it easy to transition from the LD thing to live in thing it still makes it hard because we do miss each other. So I put notes or his favorite candy in his bag or tucked in his book and he does little things before he leaves so that I don’t have to while I’m stuck solo.

  6. As a girl who grew up in Chicago, I know allllll about winter! The most important fact is that if it’s snowing, that means it’s WARM! Yes, it can be too cold to snow and you learn to love those little flurries. 🙂

  7. Liebchen

    Never? Since you’ve been together?

    That will definitely be an adjustment. Though, I would also suggest tagging along on work trips if he gets to go somewhere fun! That’s what the madre does.

    • Heather C

      Never never. 🙂 I’d love to hop on with some of the trips, not sure how that will work, but I guess we’ll find out!

  8. Congrats to D on his new job adventures! I know what it’s like to be away from your significant other – Billy and I started out long-distance. I know you’ll have an adjustment period but absence really does put the relationship in perspective and will take it to a new level! Hopefully he doesn’t have to be gone for too long. Otherwise, I’ll fly up to visit you! 😉

    It’s been cold here but not too bad – I ran outside yesterday. If there’s precipitation, I head up to our apartment gym for treadmill or elliptical. I mush prefer the great outdoors!

  9. my hubs to be is out of town until late tomorrow night! i’m so anxious to see him i know i wont be able to function until he is home! eeee!

  10. oooh, nate and i hardly ever spend time apart…it’s crazy! but i miss him terribly when he’s out of town!

  11. If the snow isn’t that deep, I’ll run on the sidewalks. Otherwise, I will find a quiet neighborhood and run in the street. I’ve also found that our local parks are often cleared. There’s one about a mile away, and I can run to it and do loops. (The park is near a fancy neighborhood where everyone owns snowblowers and clears the sidewalks!)

    Good luck with winter training!

  12. Hey, I’m sure you guys will figure out what works best for you even though D is traveling. And trust me, the time apart will be good. As much as I want the manfriend to come with me sometimes to everything, it also makes it more exciting when I come back from a weekend away or vice versa.

    Spinning is a great alternate to running in the ice/snow. I also like to do hard core cross training workouts if I can’t get outside. Like just plan to go to the gym and fit in: swimming, spinning and weights. By the end, I’ve more than burned my running calories and my body is exhausted from a change in the routine. Boot camp or circuit type workouts are also great indoor options that are challenging.

    • Heather C

      The gym I Spin at has treadmills and a Lot of other types of fitness classes, I definitely plan on getting the “running burn” by mixing all of those together while it’s still so snow-packed. 🙂 Plus, it’s fun to switch it up! I’m already sore from the above-mentioned spin-yoga extravaganza…

  13. Vanessa

    I HATE Winter!! I do run in the snow though. It makes it hard, but if I don’t run….I’m cranky! I just hate treadmills. I don’t run as fast as I would do to being more careful, but at least I’m out there. I just have to reming myself that winter will not last forever. But hey, I do love winter from all the snow days I’ve been getting as a first grade teacher, hehe.

  14. I just read your story on Meals and Miles and really enjoyed it. Meghann posted my story on there a few weeks ago and I know that many got inspiration from it and I was happy to hear how it effected different people. I wanted you to know that I will be thinking about your story when I run my next race. Especially when there is just 10 minutes more and I need something I can think the faster I run the faster it is over. Have a great night

  15. I’ve been doing a lot more indoor exercises like stairs and yoga on days I can’t run outdoors. It’s different but it’s good to work the other muscles.

  16. Found your blog through Meghann. You seem like a very inspiring person. I am about to run my first marathon, and I’m considering going back to school (scary!) to become an R.D. Can’t wait to read more!

  17. I’m here in Denver too and I’ll admit I have been doing a lot more yoga and a lot less running. I fell twice today just walking outside!

  18. I have YakTrax, but even better, I have snowshoes (bought last winter days before Snowmageddon). Give ’em a try, they even make racing snowshoes and the sense of having triumphed over the snow and Old Man Winter is priceless.

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