The 25 Day Yoga Challenge Result

At the beginning of the month, Sassy posted a 25 Day Yoga Challenge; as most of you know, I have a growing obsession with this practice, and was 110% IN.

yoga-cat This is my favorite lolcat, EVER.

While I’m lucky to have a job that allows me to explore different studios around town for a reduced price, I also started realizing how easy it is to just do my own thing at HOME. I could do a forward fold when I felt stressed or tight; go into downward dog and some half-pigeon stretches after a run; practice my handstand near the wall when I have some free time. Only a handful of days found me ready for bed and suddenly realizing I hadn’t put in my Yoga time yet! A few trees, or prayer twists, or balancing poses before bed? Done.

Throughout the month I’ve found myself seeking out classes more often than runs (I’ll need to work on a balance there, with training starting up again!). It’s normal for me to practice 2-3 times a week, and still crave more. I can feel the improvements every day, and it’s catching my challenge-seeking attention!

What is it about Yoga that keeps me coming back for more?

It’s just you and your muscles, figuring out how to work together and trust each other. It’s a challenge every time, pushing away frustration or anger to let in acceptance and grace. It’s pushing me to try something different, and find out where strength can take me. It’s folding me into positions I never thought possible with my tight runner-hips and stubborn personality. It brings something new and different to the routine; every class is unique.

It’s teaching me to focus, breathe, be introspective and take things in stride.


Were you in on the challenge? What do you take away from Yoga?



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14 responses to “The 25 Day Yoga Challenge Result

  1. runyogarepeat

    I didn’t do a yoga challenge, but I definitely have done a lot of yoga in the past month & a half. I love the challenge as well, and I can feel progress with every class. It helps me mentally focus so much. I love it!

  2. I think Yoga does wonders for us, both physical and mental. I think thats why I go back. Mentally is challenges me, challenges me to pause and embrace the moment! Great post.

  3. I wish we had more yoga options here. And I wish I had a yoga buddy to go with. I may move to denver just to yoga it up with you. :p Got room on your couch?? 😉

  4. I practiced some at-home yoga this month post half-marathon while getting back into a running/cardio schedule. I love yoga because I can do it for 10 minutes or 90 minutes and feel the mental and physical effects.

  5. I bet this challenge will go hand-in-hand with improving your running too! I know flexibility is a big weakness of mine! Congrats on completing!!

    Love your blog header by the way!

  6. I really love how FOCUSED on my body I am when I do yoga. For 60 – 90 minutes it’s just me and my body and I really focus on the movements my body is doing. I love it!

  7. Thanks for a 25 day yoga recap! It’s amazing how much more we do something when we’re committed to achieving a goal. Considering the fact that I was successful with this challenge, perhaps I should try doing this type of challenge with other things in my life…like career/life planning. 🙂 Thanks for bending and stretching along w/ me!

  8. Luke

    Thanks for getting me into this, even tho it was only twice. I can definitely see this improve my running and it feels great to walk out of class and feel stretched!

  9. I absolutely love your picture of the cat!!! So cute!!!
    Yoga is so invigorating!!!

  10. Thanks for the great article and reminder of how yoga can not only have physical benefits, but also an emotional, spiritual and mental aspect incorporated! Love the pics of the cat!

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