Run Done & Ready for Her

In an attempt to get back into my morning-run routine (i.e. run before turning on the computer! Run before deciding to lounge and read blogs! RUN and get my morning started.), I headed out again today. It was a sleepy just-get-going kind of day; my legs were definitely not on par with my mind’s expectations, but we both made it through!


That last 0.7 was a “run it out, Faster” moment; these muscles certainly don’t maintain a 6:30 pace.  Today, they maintained ~8:30 and we called it good.

All that being said, I never regret the choice to get a workout done in the morning! Coming home. with an endorphin high, to warm coffee and oatmeal, reading blogs and catching up on NPR – perfect day.

There is another reason I wanted to get my workout in early; I have some cleaning and prep to do, with a VISITOR on the way! My little Sis is coming for the weekend, to bring in the New Year with me & D, and I could not be more excited. The first time she visited me (on her own) was in college, then she saw my life in DC  over Labor Day…and that was the last time I got her to myself! We tend to have a good time:

tough sisters 3.22 016

9.7 164 bbq 026 9.7 167

I plan on convincing her to be my running-buddy for the weekend, joining me for a yoga class and walking around in the snow once we finally get some!

This trip will be filled with a different kind of sight-seeing. Rather than historical monuments, we’ll show her and her boy around the mountains, Boulder & Denver. They will be our first official visitors in Colorado! Time to set the bar high…



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14 responses to “Run Done & Ready for Her

  1. Dustin S

    Heather! Love this post 🙂
    So excited to see you tomorrow!! What a great way to start the year 🙂

  2. Have fun with your sister!

  3. Ivan

    Get it, get it!

    Don’t let her off the hook during the run!

  4. Elizabeth

    *Note to self: when we visit, be prepared for a workout weekend. 🙂

    Have fun!

  5. Good run! I’ve still been avoiding speed work, but I need to at least end my runs with a sprint or two.

  6. So fun about your sister coming to town! I always have such a good time with my sisters. I ran this morning as well before turning on the laptop. It was the 1st time in weeks that I’ve run in the morning and it felt amazing. My trick is to have my workout clothes out and ready so I don’t have to move around the room and turn on the light…since Billy is usually still sleeping. 🙂

  7. Stacie

    I LOVE morning workouts too! It is so hard to get out the door though! Hope you have fun with your sister!!

  8. have a great time with your sis! i remember when she visited you in DC! time flys! enjoy!

  9. Ooh, sound fun! I love having visitors and for a holiday, that’s even better! Have a blast. Any fun NYE plans?

  10. Awwww your sis looks so much like you! You girls are too cute 🙂 Have fun!

  11. Awesome job on the run, with a nice little “wake up” pick me up at the end. Hope you had a fantastic time with your sister!

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