Holiday Favorites

We’re back in Denver, without any snowstorms and with a few less seasonal reminders, and almost back to holiday-less reality! This morning brought me right back to a favorite routine – an early morning run before anything else – because soon the roles will be switched and we will be busy hosting a family member for the weekend.

We took down all remnants of Christmas last night, reeling off the energy of a great weekend and a few new traditions that we’ve put into place for our own celebrations. While I never considered my family celebrations to be too “traditional”, I realized there are some things that make it our holiday. These are a few of my old and new favorites…

cookies 002

Old: Baking and decorating sugar cookies.

thanksgiving 025 thanksgiving 041

New: Constructing and decorating our own tree.

IMG_0356 IMG_0352

Old: The Nativity Set on the mantle (and digging all those pieces out of the Styrofoam peanuts, making a mess).


Old: The Family Photo by the Tree on Christmas Eve.
New: D & my Sister-in-Law in the mix!

100_0840 100_0842

Old: Christmas Eve Dinner, Drinks & Picture Taking.

IMG_0328 Old: Family Breakfast.
New: Mimosas for all!

IMG_0330 IMG_0331

Old: Distracting the cats all morning with cat-nip toys. Gets ‘em every time.

What are some of your favorite traditions? Did you add any to the mix this year?



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11 responses to “Holiday Favorites

  1. Sounds like a perfect Christmas! Love you black dress – gorgeous! And love D’s Santa hat. 🙂

    Billy and I had a yummy breakfast and gift exchange just the 2 of us at home before setting out to 3 more Christmas celebrations, including lots of food, gifts, cookies, champagne and cake. Whew.

  2. lol – love your “old” and new traditions. My favorite new tradition is going to other houses for Christmas Eve & Christmas dinner! Yeah – I don’t like cooking big feasts! My favorite old tradition is decorating the tree!

  3. Awww love the family photos! Those sugar cookies look all too familiar – I ate about 10 identical ones this weekend 😉

  4. Lauren Calcote

    yay!! Love this 🙂 And all of our old and new ( mimosa…nom) traditions. So great to have you and Dustin home for Christmas! I’m very excited for a new years with the Calcote sisters and their Dustins! 😀 hehe

  5. aww what a great time it looks like you had! we didn’t get to see any family this year, which was a bummer. But D and I really enjoyed our down time together

  6. My husband and I started a new tradition of opening our gifts at about 10 pm on Christmas Eve in front of a fire.

  7. Mamcita

    What a wonderful holiday! I love the pics and so glad you enjoy our traditions – old and new! Dad and I are always open to new ideas to make our holidays even more special – but nothing is as special to us as having everyone “home for the holidays”.

    Love, Mom

  8. we take Christmas eve pics every year & go to the same fancy restaurant for dinner too!

  9. my fav tradition is our big family walk in the park with our dog! we do it every year on Christmas Day- its so fun!

  10. That’s so cute that you guys are starting your own traditions. It’s always nice to have things that just the two of you can look forward to.

  11. Lovin’ the traditions, especially mimosas! I had one with Christmas breakfast too. Mmmmm!

    Great pictures!

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