Think of Solutions: Run on Balance

Nothing puts me in an off-mood faster than feeling out of balance. Yesterday brought a choice; go to the Pilates class I signed up for, or go to a run with the group?

“Whenever something goes wrong, resist the temptation to become angry, blame others, or make excuses….Respond constructively. Think of solutions.” Brian Tracy.

I knew I needed the latter much more. Plus, my legs are a little sore from Monday, and that usually makes decisions easier! A simple text from the RB saying “see you there” was the golden ticket.

Had it not been for my Garmin, I honestly would not have remembered the last day I ran. I knew it was sometime last week, but with days blurring together and my usual 3-4 day/week regimen way off? I couldn’t have told you when or where. That, alone, was bothering me. My legs itched for some free strides and my mind welcomed the outlet that is a good buddy-run.

3.75 miles, 30:15, avg pace 8:05

We came in just shy of our intended 4, but a little quicker than I thought my muscles were up for. I felt better immediately – not stressed, endorphined up, and relaxed!

I came home to D suggesting Pizza & a Beer – a tradition we haven’t visited in too long. We put in a movie, relaxing with our local pie & brew. I couldn’t have been happier:

8.8 001 10.31 071

That was a simple solution; back in balance, back to running!


When we’re stressed, or over-stretched, it’s easy to fall out of balance and blame our surroundings or situations for choices we make. But, the truth is, every decision is up to you. “Think about solutions, all day long.” Make sure that solution is what makes you happy, moves you forward, and gets you to wherever you need/want to be.

What solutions have you come up with, for yourself, to get going? Whether it be in health/fitness, jobs, life, etc….

Tonight, my solution is: an after-work run with the RB and a yoga class with my favorite teacher afterward!



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8 responses to “Think of Solutions: Run on Balance

  1. i’m definitely striving to always live in balance, but i’d say my biggest goal for this year is to be more responsible with our money…it’ll be hard but i’m actually kind of excited!

  2. Nothing feels better than a much-needed run! I’m sure that beer & pizza really hit the spot afterwards too.

  3. runyogarepeat

    Usually making small healthy choices like veggies instead of more holiday cookies or exercise help get me back on track. Or a long day of hard snowboarding – makes me feel so good during the holidays!

  4. Our schedule has been all over the place lately so I’ve been thinking of solutions to fit everything in. Today’s solution was an indoor workout at the apartment gym because it was too dark outside to go for a run by the time I got home.

    I love feeling balanced, too, and getting in my workout is definitely a priority.

    Yummy beer & pizza! We had wine and yummy Mediterranean buffet last night and it hit the spot.

  5. Pizza and beer, aww I love you:)

    I am trying not to get sick, my solution – figuring out time to rest, lol.

  6. yeah, i start to get that itch if i haven’t run for a few days. It’s amazing how much better it can make you feel to get a run in. And, I love how quick of a workout it is vs some organized classes.

  7. I definitely want to get things back in balance too. I always feel best there. Love that feeling after a workout. And pizza + movie night is awesome.

  8. Gotta love pizza and beer nights! 🙂

    When I lived in PA and was terribly unhappy, I focused so much on being unhappy that it was hard to think about what I needed to change in order to get out of my rut. That being said, it’s not easy to find a new job and very frustrating when that was my key to happiness. I’ve since learned how it’s important to focus on what changes you can make to make your life better…don’t dwell on the bad, focus on the good! Easier said than done, for sure.

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