Spin & Shake

Put me on a road bike, and I’m fine; for whatever reason, I’ve avoided the SPIN bike for a long as I could. Today, that changed.


A handful of our ambassadors are owners and/or instructors at the Qi gyms around Denver. You could stop by for anything from a personal training session to Spin-Barre to Yoga.

So far, I’ve played it safe and stuck with Alex’s yoga classes. I’ve taken in the “Sweatalicious” (heated Spin + Boot Camp. I know, right?!!)and Spin-Yoga stories, and contemplated the options. I finally showed up, this morning, for a little challenge. Finding the right studio was my first obstacle, then arriving with one minute to spare and having my bike adjusted just in time to get going!

She gave me a few tips, as a Beginner: mimic the “Cat” position in  Yoga (tailbone tucked under, lower back rounded/extended, core IN); barely rest on the handles, bend your elbows and bring your knees up as you circle; when we stand/hover, mimic Chataranga. Speak Yoga, and I follow!

QiSpin Image source.

Aside from Bikram, I have never come to a sweat so quickly. With the likes of Kanye and the Black Eyed Peas beats’ blasting, our instructor yelling and our muscles screaming in response, it was a heart-pumping half hour. We stood, pushed it for 10, “ran”, used Chataranga to engage our arms and flexed feet to burn the glutes.

Then we rushed off our bikes, removed our shoes/socks, and met at the Barre.

For the next 30 minutes every muscle in my legs, hips and butt were engaged in a way they haven’t been before. By the end of every set my muscles were shaking. Then HOLD? WHOA.

I reverted back to the days of ballet lessons – poise and posture – and found myself hooked. I would say the difficulty level rivaled CrossFit, in its own way, and I have no doubt I’ll be feeling that burn tomorrow.

I came home to a self-instructed 10 minute Yoga session; I was feeling the need for a few Frog attempts, headstands, crows & stretches. Sassy’s 25 Days of Yoga challenge isn’t up yet!

I challenge you to switch it up this week – in light of the Holidays approaching quickly, do something different! Find a burn you’ve never felt before, and enjoy the obstacles to getting somewhere new.



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12 responses to “Spin & Shake

  1. runyogarepeat

    Sounds intense! I’m home for break and have a “trainer” to get me started on weight training. My sister is a rower, so she has some crazy workouts that she wants me to try.

  2. I used to go to spin class ALL THE TIME my first 2 years of college – I would go 3-4 times a week! Loved it! When I was injured last month I went a few times at my local Y and was reminded that just because I ran a marathon does not necessarily mean I’m in well-rounded shape – spin killed my legs!

    I don’t go often since I don’t have a gym membership though. Boo 😦

  3. Dustin Simon

    I switched it up, I did the warrior yoga thing with Lauren this weekend 😉

  4. i need to switch it up!! I dont have a gym though… I just runnnn… its good fun, but it would be cool to try a class somewhere!

  5. WOW! I’ve never done a SPIN/YOGA class before, how very cool!! I’m in love with spinning though, it’s the closest sweat-fest I can find to running! So good for cross-training too!

  6. Dang, Heather, that is a serious workout! Spinning is an awesome workout. I wish we had barre classes here. That’s the perfect sequence of high intensity, stretch and strength.

  7. I’m definitely challenging myself in 2011 to take some classes I’ve never taken before. I’ve been switching it up with the elliptical lately on a fairly difficult incline/resistance and find it to be a good cardio workout and easy on my knees. I really want to try CrossFit, too!

  8. I love a good spin class! Sounds like you had a crazy fun workout. Bet the muscles are loving you!!!

  9. i have never tried spin but i want to like woah!

  10. YEAAA!!! Isn’t it fun:) It ultimately will help your road too. I’m trying to drag, er take, Andrew to a class.

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