Open the Hips, and RUN

Denver is playing a wonderful little trick on us for today; it’s sunny and the high is 70*. And that made my morning a little more amazing…

One of my lululemon coworkers teaches regularly at a studio down the street; I’ve only recently discovered how much I love her classes, and try to go whenever I can. Today, that meant a 6:30 a.m. hour spent with Anusara yoga. After telling her that I finally got into Frog during a class on Friday night, she decided today’s theme would be hip-openers.

Runners, beware!

We spent the hour stretching with pigeons, lunges, frog, and some crazy seated twists that some unknown muscles pulling. Whew. In her words, it was our reminder to “stay grounded” as these holiday events, parties, shopping extravaganzas and travel plans begin to take life a little out of balance.

A little dose of great perspective and crazy stretches is a good start to the morning. How does it get better? Follow it with a run, running buddies, and a mountain view from the city Park.


Image Source.

Yup, that’s perfection.

How are you enjoying a good sweat (or two) today?

Runners (or any other tight-hippers),
what’s the yoga pose that challenges you the most?



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23 responses to “Open the Hips, and RUN

  1. oh man, hip openers are the best and worst both at the same time! crazy how hard it makes you work and how great you feel when it’s done 🙂

  2. runyogarepeat

    I love hip openers because my hips are always tight from running, and the stretches feel so good! Low lunges always challenge me.

  3. Joslynn

    After 9 months of yoga, I am finally getting better at arm balancing, they are still tough. My favorite is a full balancing sequence. One of my favorite yoga instructors has an intense flow of chair to eagle to tree to dancer to airplane then half moon to lunge. This has helped my running stride a lot. I am excited to be back running post-marathon. I have my first long run this weekend. Also, jealous of the ridiculously warm weather in Colorado. I cannot wait until I am home to see the beautiful Rockies!

  4. Sooo jealous of your weather! OMG it’s freezing here!!

    I try to incorporate pigeon into my daily routine for these running hips. So tight! Not sure what frog is, but awesome job. 🙂

    • Heather C

      Frog = a squat (almost sitting) while keeping your heels grounded….i.e. Not easy for people with tight hamstrings or hip-flexors…i.e. Not easy for runners 😉

  5. 70?! Shut the front door?!!

    I love that pic, I remember that view:) I want to go back!

  6. jawsome

    Oh man, I would LOVE a yoga class focused on hip openers. My hips are always tight! Matt and I are actually getting a gym membership in 2011 so I can start taking some classes. As for getting into frog, forget about it! (for now…) The weather here HAS been strangely nice – it’s weird to not have snow, but I’m not going to complain – I have a 6 mile trail run tonight!

  7. I’m going to head out for an easy run today. And will definitely be doing some at-home yoga to stretch out afterward. Pigeon pose is my favorite hip-opener. It hurts so good!

  8. Ooh, I love hip opening flows. So helpful/painful for us runners. Warrior III and half moon are tough for me especially on my right side bc of my hamstring issue, but it’s slowly getting better. I’d also love to be able to do handstand without the help of a wall.

  9. J

    WE did fire log pose yesterday at yoga! It always kills me because my outer hips are so tight. Once I got home i did that pose again, it did help to loosen up my legs!

  10. Alexandra Cordoba

    Love the blog post and I LOVE having you in class! WAy to rock those hip openers this morning!!!!
    Runners beware…Heather is opening her hips, lengthening her stride and quickening her pace!
    Much love to you sweetie,

  11. wow gorgy!!!! 🙂

    so when are you gonna do a lululemon giveaway because I’m dying here! 😉

  12. I did an amazing hip opening class last night too. Oh it hurt, but in a GOOD way!

    Loooveee pigeon, btw 🙂

  13. One of my favorite yoga podcasts is one that focuses on hips specifically for runners. Feels sooooo good on my shoddy hips. And let’s not even talk about the temp there right now. 😦

  14. i love hip openers, but oh man a whole class of them is KILLER

  15. someday i hope to get into “full pigeon”. i have super tight runner’s hips.

  16. Holding plank pose for long periods of a time always challenges me. One of my favorite instructors at my CorePower studio did a crazy difficult ab sequence featuring lots of boat pulses, bicycle sit-ups, reverse crunches, and then topped this all off with several reps of plank. It was killer. I also suck at any of the arm balances. One of these days, I’ll finally figure out crow. Lol….

  17. I live in Denver and have been looking for somewhere to practice Anusara yoga. Would you mind passing on the name of the studio? Thanks!

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