Pear Granola Pancakes, Fueled for 10

Before we dive into breakfast, I have a small announcement to make! Remember the Me Movement ? Well, today I’m featured as a Guest Blogger; I put a story out there that I’ve never told on here before. I was happy to contribute what I’ve learned through life and experience, rather than just a textbook, and to put myself first!


Now, on to the pancakes.

12.12 003

If there’s a fruit that is destined to be carmelized in a pancake, this is it! We used a Granola Pancake Mix ( Thanks, Mom!) from Williams & Sonoma to create this; normally I prefer to work from scratch, but the ease of a mix was appreciated on a busy day.

Pear Granola Pancakes: Add pancake mix to the skillet, add pear slices to the top layer before flipping. Sprinkle granola into the mix, or onto the pancake while cooking. Enjoy!

What are pancakes the best fuel for? Running, of course! Carb-load, check.

Rather than driving to Cait’s house to meet her for a run, I chose to run there. I’ve been so eager to get back into some double-digit long runs; when the weather, timeline and buddy-system all cooperate? GO with it.

I ran 5.75  on my own to get there, and another 4.5 with Cait.  10-miler? CHECK! Finally. I kept things around 8:30-40 on my own, and 8:20s with her (whew), a promising check-in for the training that will begin soon – PR on the agenda!


The day ended with some celebrations – I don’t make heart-shaped pancakes every day. D & I were celebrating our one year anniversary, and what a crazy year it has been, yes? Two marathons, one move across the country, new jobs & a new home.

We started with our new tradition (2nd annual trip, just a different Zoo); Zoo Lights.

12.12 007 12.12 008

12.12 021 12.12 019

If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive way to spend your weekend evening, Zoo Lights + The Nutcracker  comes highly recommended by yours truly. 🙂

How did you spend the weekend? What’s your favorite fruit pancake?



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14 responses to “Pear Granola Pancakes, Fueled for 10

  1. that sounds like a really fun weekend! i love the nutcracker, zoos, and lights 🙂 we just skied and relaxed, a much needed break from last week!

  2. Lacey

    i went to zoo lights last year!!!!!!!!!!! wow seeing your pics brought back memories. the year FLEW by huh!!!!!!!! congrats on your 1-year with D!!!!!!! and hooray for being featured!!! more congrats 🙂

  3. runyogarepeat

    Banana or blueberry pancakes! I love the heart shaped pancakes 🙂

  4. Delicious-looking pancakes—I’d never thought to crunch things up by adding granola! I like mine with blueberries. Or pumpkin. Or banana with dark-chocolate chips. Holy moly, this is making me hungry! I love the zoo lights, by the way … we went to the ones in Denver with my husband’s family last year, and it was a perfect family activity!

  5. One year?! Wow, it seems like y’all have known each other forever. I made waffles the other morning, pancakes fluffier cousin.

    Happy Anniversary!

    Your story is so powerful, I think you should share snippets on this site. Beautiful. You’re amazing wonder woman!

  6. runningmind

    Congrats on one year! And great pace on the 10-miler:) Also, thanks for sharing your story, it is one with which I relate to all too well. Take care and keep on keeping it real, Heather.

  7. Happy Anniversary – you really have had an incredibly busy year! I’m glad you have such a supportive relationship with D – he’s a lucky guy. 🙂 And awesome 10-miler! Billy and I have been in L.A. since last Thursday – heading home to Dallas this afternoon. I love cinnamon apples on my pancakes. Mmmm. Or banana in the batter.

  8. blueberry pancakes are my favorites.. but then again I haven’t experimented with many fruits in my pancakes!

  9. Cute pics, lady! This weekend we drove over to central Oregon where it was snowing a bit and that really put me in the holiday spirit. 🙂

  10. Aww, happy anniversary! Super sweet!

    WTG on the double digits! Quick, too!!!

  11. This pancake mix sounds delicious and pears are such a perfection add in!

  12. Elizabeth

    Que adorable. I like the zoo tradition. 🙂

    Seriously, though, you know how happy I am for you guys. What a year for life changes…

  13. I can’t wait to go to holiday things like that this upcoming weekend. I love Christmas lights!

    And yummy looking pancakes.

  14. the pancake on the right looks like a heart!

    boyfriend and i LOVE going through the zoo in the winter to see the lights! its much colder here though so you have to layer!

    great job on the 10miler!

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