Three Things Thursday: Buddy Power, 25 DOY & the Me Movement

It has been too long since my Garmin has registered anything over 5 miles. This can be attributed to feeling a little under-the-weather, running with an RB that pushes the pace but not the distance (yet…), and choosing to get my daily Sweat other ways to switch things up. It can also be attributed to slight bout of laziness on my end, resulting in a little restless energy to get back to those double digits.

I can feel the itch coming on – I need a race, I need a challenge.


The great thing that’s coming from all of the above is the fact that my speed is slowly increasing – Running Buddy (RB) Power, at its best!

I realized this morning that I have three important RBs here – two in physical form, one in my head.

That sounds crazier than it should. Hear me out…

Cait pushes me at her comfortable pace, 7:30-7:45 m/ms. I do my best to keep up with her and the conversation, enjoying the challenge.
Martha is happy to settle in around an 8:30 pace, keeping up our chatty ways and exploring some new routes.
Kate (from DC) pops into my head every time I think about stopping a little bit early, or walking up a hill, because I’m tired. Nope, push it, keep going. She’d make me.

RB Power, not to be messed with!


On the Yoga front, are you doing the 25-day Challenge? So far, I’m 8-for-8! This week has consisted of two classes, so far, one more to go. In the meantime, I keep my flexibility and yogi-toes in check at home with forward folds & handstand practice. We’ll see what tonight’s personal practice has in store for me; I’m officially checking off my hip flexors and glutes as Sore, thanks to above-mentioned classes.


If you haven’t heard of or checked it out already, I bring you The Me Movement. Started by my good friend and colleague, DC-based Dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield, this has taken flight! I think it’s fantastic, have been more than happy to participate in the Twitter Chats, and will soon have my own Story/Guest Post up on Monday.

In addition to all of this, Anne made some shirts for the movement!


It gives us something to think about during this crazy holiday season. Balance is one of the most important aspects of my daily life; remember to do something for yourself every day. What have you done for You lately?



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17 responses to “Three Things Thursday: Buddy Power, 25 DOY & the Me Movement

  1. Thanks for the t-shirt shout out! 🙂

  2. I love this movement – I need to email Rebecca to get more involved. I know my own limits with social events, bedtimes, workouts, etc so I make it a priority to stay on track when I can (we travel a lot and life happens), but I know I’m a better wife, friend, daughter, worker, etc when I take care of myself and my needs. Then I can effectively take care of others, too.

  3. Hey Heather! Thanks for mentioning “me movement”. We’d love peeps to sign the pledge… In addition, we are doing a contest for people who want to submit a guest blog. You can write about anything as long as it involves self care! We’ll pick a winner the week of Dec 20th.

    I hope y’all read about why I started the “me movement” — I actually did it for MYSELF, but the community support has been awesome!

    In health and wellness!

  4. I dig this post! 🙂 i need 3 good RB’s too! 🙂

  5. 8 for 8, thats awesome! I bet youre on a yoga High! Love that shirt, very clever and TRUE! For me, I bought new workout gear. Made my day.

  6. Was is it with us, I need a challenge too, lol. Same page!

    LOVE that “Me” !

  7. Although I’m not a runner, I really wish I had a workout buddy. Maybe in January when my schedule is more routine. I’m just hearing of the me movement now, how is this possible, must explore now. Thanks for introducing me!

  8. Yeah, thanks for playing along. I’ve stayed strong with my yoga challenge! Proud of myself. Each morning it forces me to pop right out of bed and get my strength and stretch on!

    And Rebecca’s ME movement has been cool to see on twitter and blogs. It’s so true that we forget sometimes we need to take care of ourselves first and foremost! I’m definitely itching for a little race. I’ll probably do the trail race next weekend, but I also want to sign up for a half soon. We’ll see…

  9. My Yoga challenge is a little less ambitious than yours – do it once before the end of the month :). Hey, a guy has to start somewhere. During the Lululemon Tampa store’s birthday bash, we ran 5K, then had yoga in the park afterward. I was feeling quite studly after winning the 5K, but I was quickly humbled by the yoga class :).

    On another note, I sent you an email yesterday but I sometimes get sent into the spam box on Gmail. Can you confirm you received it? Thanks!

  10. Lucas

    Glad you’ve found your running buddies in Denver. Next up, getting Cait out to a trail run. Also, I need another go at yoga. Post marathon may be tough but I’m ready for the challenge!

  11. I wouldn’t do half the things I do if it weren’t for my workout buddy. I can tell you I DEFINITELY wouldn’t be getting up at 5AM tomorrow to go to the gym!!

  12. Buddy power is the best!!!

  13. Love having a VARIETY of running buddies at different levels and who push me in different ways. Sounds like you have some good ones. 🙂

    I’m sure you’ll be logging those big miles again soon… even faster than before!

  14. I’m late to the party, but I think I’ll be starting a 30 day yoga challenge tomorrow. Yay for bendy + breath. 🙂

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