Thinking Ahead, Optimistically (III)

Every night I open up my book(s) and try to read at least a few pages; there is always a sentence, paragraph, or chapter that gets a wheel or two turning. Something will register an “aha” moment and I immediately grab my journal to jot down a few thoughts. Yes, I write in a journal every night. Old school style!

This started a few weeks ago; D knew I wanted/needed something to write in (pen & paper, not keyboard and white screen), so he bought me this: 

 notebook 008

Little did I know how many thoughts swarm in and out of my head during the day.  A glimpse into the extreme ends of the spectrums, here are two random glimpses into daily thoughts:

Everything is better when there’s a dance party involved…
Sometimes we dance at the store; by sometimes, I mean almost every day.

Always leave room for the opportunity to get to know someone new – hear their story, relate to them, learn from them.
My days are always better when I meet someone new (and in the nature of my lifestyle, this happens often); someone I can relate to on any level – running, picture taking, exploring, or maybe just the fact that we are obsessed with Modern Family.

Before I check in for the night, I think about the day’s events – what meant something to me? I elaborate on it. It helps me focus on what the next day will mean, what I want to accomplish, and how I can get one step closer to my goals.


If you checked in last week, for Part II, did you think about a vision? Did you idealize your life, 5 or 10 years from today? It’s not easy; it might not come to you right away. But I’ve realized that the more I actually allow myself to think about it (however vague it may be), the more attainable it seems.

I am passionate about my work, and have found success in a job that challenges & excites me every day. We are financially stable, supporting a family with the means to travel, explore, be active & frequently see friends and family.

The difference between a realistic and  an unrealistic goal is simply the amount of effort we put into making it happen. Thinking ahead, I’ve set this goal to attain the above vision:

I will do at least ONE thing per day that moves me towards my goals.

Yesterday, that meant completing a freelance article for LIVESTRONG and joining my friend for a run. Today, it means researching a few people that I’m excited to connect with and heading to the Yoga studio. Tomorrow, it means going to Cross Fit to feel strong (and eventually sore), and working.

What’s on your to-do list? How will it move you forward?



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13 responses to “Thinking Ahead, Optimistically (III)

  1. Ahh Heather! I write for LIVESTRONG too!!!! 🙂

  2. I love this. I do so much better with life when I have goals for myself. Thanks for helping me to think about them more.

  3. runyogarepeat

    My to-do list involves making study guides for exams and checking out an apartment. My to-do list for over break is starting to research dietetic internships or master’s programs. Any tips?

  4. J

    My goals are to stay healthy and uninjured which means cross training and getting stronger. Today that meant doing the elliptical for 30 minutes, tomorrow that means not running and doing weights and stretching!

  5. Ivan

    Don’t you mean: “Everything is better when there’s an underwear dance party involved…”?

  6. This is a really good article on creating a 5 year plan. It got me thinking when I read it this weekend:

    I am dying to hear more about crossfit. Is it worth the HUGE investment?? At least it’s a huge investment in my city…

    • Heather C

      Huge investment? Probably not. Unless you totally love it – I’d rather spend $ on yoga, because I enjoy it more and it’s good for me right now (i.e. not training, don’t need to strength train like crazy!). But, it’s definitely a killer workout!

  7. great statement to do one thing daily!!!!

    I make some nightly statements before going to sleep that give my mind good things to focus on and think about… that and my gratitude journal are really helpful

  8. Now this is serious. I love how you aren’t just telling us, you are acting on these things. It’s rewarding to watch you grow and it inspires me to organize myself!

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