Three Things Thursday: Speed Up & Yoga for 25

1) We had our monthly meeting at lululemon today; with a busy schedule up ahead, I chose to run to/from to get my daily sweat and quick workout in! Luckily I work at a place that expects us to 1) show up in exercise clothes and 2) sweat once a day. Not a bad deal, and not a bad start to my day! One thing I’ve completely embraced over the last month is my commute-on-foot – walking, riding or running.

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2) On the run front, I finally feel like a “regular” at the weekly Tuesday night run. I happened to find a buddy there who meets me more often, and does yoga with me too (bonus!), that is a little on the faster side. She’s right around the speed the friend, Kate, from DC ran – keeping up with a faster RB is the best kind of speedwork. With conversation flowing, my mind is usually off the fact that it feels a little too fast. Once we’re done, I’m happy with a successful run and an effort to get some speed back.

3) After looking over my November RW log, it’s official: I’m a yogi. I’ll own it. I went to a Yoga class at least twice per week, if not more. I also tested out Bob Harper’s new “Yoga For Warriors” DVD, and let it kick my butt for 4 days in a row. Ouch.

I’m a regular at my favorite studio, and have loved every class with every new teacher. Last night, Luke & I went for a Hatha Fusion class. What’s Hatha? I wondered, too. Turns out it’s very slow and stretchy. We held each pose for at least 3-5 breaths, and laid in Shavasana long enough for me to contemplate a nap.

It was awesome.

In light of this Yoga movement, Sassy’s timing couldn’t be better:

25 Day Yoga Challenge

Get your pose on – Anything counts! Choose a podcast, go to a class, do 10 minutes of your own choice poses, focus on one pose, or do go to and choose your Om time.

My Hatha class last night started things off; today I did 10 minutes of a Dave Farmar podcast (who happens to be a local teacher and one of our good friends at lululemon!) after my commute-meeting-run.

Are you in?



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15 responses to “Three Things Thursday: Speed Up & Yoga for 25

  1. i’m in…and i’m bookmarking so that i can find that dave farmer podcast too!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, girl!

  3. Elizabeth

    You had to look over your log to realize you were a yogi? I could’ve told you that. 🙂

    Also – love the fact that you can run to work and that it’s totally okay. And a little bit jealous.

  4. Lucas

    I’m loving that class from last night. I feel great today. Not quite bendy yet but getting there. Thanks for suggesting it on Tuesday!

  5. I’m in! My month trial is almost up at the studio down the street but I love yogadownload – did 20 minutes yesterday and felt so much better…so I’ll stick to it this month.

  6. YAY for running groups and new friends. And congrats on your new Yogi status. 🙂

  7. I love Dave Farmar’s podcasts. Have you done one of his classes? I like how he talks about skiing and snow in the podcasts because I don’t get instructors talking about that here! His vinyasa style is my favorite style for a butt kicking workout. But slower hatha stretchy style is nice too when you just want long slow stretches.

  8. Awww yay for feeling like a regular! Congrats! I so wish I had someone around here that I could chase after… if only I had you around every run to chase!!! 🙂

  9. How are you handling your awesome commute in the not so awesome weather? Is it bad for you? Super jealous of that option.

    Glad you LOVE your job, so important.

    I could sneak in some yoga for ya!

    • Heather C

      Not bad, yet! Only one day this week was a little snowy – I wore my boots to walk 🙂 Other than that it’s been pretty decent weather!

  10. holbrookben

    Would you care to help me out by completing a survey for school?
    We’re trying to study ways to improve the yoga experience,
    Please and thanks

  11. With shorter versions like that? I am so in! I love that!

  12. runyogarepeat

    I love this idea! I’ve already gone to a yoga class 2 times this week…I cannot get enough of it!

  13. I love running groups & new friends!! WIN

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