Amazing Winner & The Warrior Sore

As of this morning, there were 76 entrants who told me what made their morning Amazing. That post now ranks up there with one of my all-time favorites, I loved hearing about different a.m. routines that get you going! Or, in Lacey’s words, give you “Coffee-induced World Conquering syndome!”

On that note, I’ve plugged the numbers into the machine, and…we have a winner!

Congrats, Healthy College Girl (aka Jordan)! Send me an e-mail with your mailing address so we can get your Goodies to you, soon!


Speaking of that package, I tested out Bob Harper’s “Yoga – For the Warrior!” video yesterday. I traveled, for the first time, with my Manduka mat…and now I know why they make Travel mats. After a tough Vinyasa flow class on Friday night, my shoulders had paid their dues with Chatarangas, down-dogs & warrior holds. They were not thrilled with my carry-on choice (I have a bag for it, shoulder-straps n’ all); and even less thrilled when I popped in that video yesterday and we did Shoulder-presses while in down-dog.


Bob knows how to bring the BURN, and this video is no exception. While using some traditional poses, his own flavor is mixed in – getting those muscles to shake and talk! Combined with lactic acid that built up on Friday, I dub my current condition the “Warrior Sore”. Yes, Epod, I’ll take that hat to top it off. 😉

It’s definitely not your traditional Vinyasa, or Bikram or Power yoga class. But, it’s got the core poses and definitely gets the heart rate going for a good morning workout. Amazing? I’ll let you decide. Chime in if you’ve tried the video!



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8 responses to “Amazing Winner & The Warrior Sore

  1. Awesome!! I am always excited to try a new workout that brings on BURN!

  2. That sounds like some serious strengthening yoga!

  3. Elizabeth

    It’ll be waiting for you in March!

  4. That is a hysterical quote.

    So there is more to the travel mats that good marketing, huh – good to know:)

  5. I love new great workouts! 🙂

  6. Give Bob a chance to kick someone’s butt and he will! Wowzas, you got a ton of responses from that giveaway. Everyone loves fun free stuff!

  7. Lacey

    oooh i didn’t know he had a video! exciting! is it very flow-y? like feels sort of cardio-y? or not at all? i always use kristin mcgee’s power yoga video, just because i won it and have it! but i love it!!! it has actually prepared me really well for studio classes… MINUS frog. ugh. i will never do frog. i don’t approve of it for my knees. nor do i like fish. lol. those water creatures yo.

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