Yoga, on Choosing

I should start brining a journal to certain Yoga classes, and just around, in general; too often I hear phrases that just sit with me, and I forget them by the time I’m back at a keyboard.  Or have a pen in my hand, ready to write (we still use pen & paper, yes?).

Last week I discovered a new “studio” that, to me, is everything a place for practicing Yoga should be. You leave your shoes at the front door; there is a meditation room; the area that we practice in is a large living room-type space with hard wood floors, sitting pillows, earth-toned paint, curtain-covered windows & a high ceiling.

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Today, the bike and I took a ride down there for a morning of Anusara. It’s the second week I’ve taken this class, with an amazing teacher, and I’m totally hooked. It’s not a conventional flow; we focus on conquering different poses, including the hand-stand, pushing past the fear balance or restriction, and facing things with a new perspective.

“You choose the way you see the world –
through love or through fear, through the clear lens or the blurry one.”

She pairs practice with stories, insight & challenges. We’re put into positions that aren’t comfortable, but reminded that holing it for maybe just one more breath will create trust.

Hiking 015


“You are strong, beautiful – full of life, and full of breath. Trust yourself.”

That reminder never hurts – your muscles want you to stand strong, your core wants you to balance, your mind wants you to breathe & relax.


The air has finally warmed up a little bit, and I’m actually headed to the Group Run tonight.  I’m choosing to leave some DC-nostalgia at home (for now), to hit the trails and chat it up,and to enjoy an evening run with these stretched & posed legs!



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8 responses to “Yoga, on Choosing

  1. I feel a little rejuvenated just reading this post. reat quotes… great advice. Sounds like a wonderful place!

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Yoga is so good in so many ways, both physically and mentally. I say this as someone who gets way too caught up in the running/weights/spinning/etc. and doesn’t make time for it. But this is a really good reminder I need to. OK I WILL go back to that bikram yoga class this week!

  3. Mm that looks like a beeeeautiful place to practice yoga! I definitely think that the building, location, teacher, etc all makes a huge difference in how your experience is. Have a good groupie run!

  4. Sounds like an amazing studio!

    Now that I have an unlimited pass to Hot Yoga I am finding myself doing it more and more and yoga is beginning to have a profound and amazing affect on my life.

  5. i love the statement “trust yourself”! so true 🙂

  6. Beautiful post! I love that what we practice in yoga translates into all aspects of our life.

    Hope the running group went well!

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