Before the Storm, We Rode

Well friends, it was an interesting evening…

I got an e-mail from Beth asking if I had heard about the Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Course? It was “too long”. The Denver Post article blamed “a misplaced turnaround near mile 23”, and stated, “participants’ times had been adjusting accordingly”.

Say what?! Obviously the first thing I did was check my results…

3:58:24 New “official” time: 3:56:12. So, now I only have 16 minutes to shave off, instead of 18. Fist pump!

In other news, it’s COLD. Our long-lasting Indian Summer/Fall has finally decided to pack its bags and slam the door on the way out. Was it something we said? Monday, I was in short-sleeves and bike shorts; yesterday, an afternoon rain turned into wet snow. Just like that. The forecast is full of 30s and 40s, and I’m accepting that the running shorts will probably not see the light of day again until March.

Sorry, shorts.


Remember when it was still warm here? We took advantage of that sunshine on Monday, taking the bikes out for a ride. This time, the camera came too, so I could document the Fall before it disappeared.

ccreservoirride 003

Another adventure along the Cherry Creek Trail, and into the Reservoir, brought us ~17 miles out. I stopped to take pictures, someone else rode a few loops…

ccreservoirride 006

ccreservoirride 010

ccreservoirride 011











Aside from the fact that it’s November and we were hot, the only crazy happening was that I finally got a FLAT. For six months, the tires have held strong, and a tiny little thorn finally popped them. Confession: I have no idea how to change a flat.

I got a quick lesson, and then took pictures:

ccreservoirride 017

35 miles, done! It might be a while before I brave the cold and strap on that bike helmet again, but at least I know there’s a fresh new tire waiting for me when I do. 😉



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22 responses to “Before the Storm, We Rode

  1. Looks like a beautiful ride! I know how to change a flat, but I really hope I don’t have to change one when I’m alone. Scary thought…

  2. Great pictures! Biking is so much more fun with a buddy! I wish that Eric (or one of my friends where I live) bike. My only other friend who road bikes lives 2.5 hours away 😦

  3. Colorado has the best cycling! Love the sunshine. Hope the winter isn’t too bad this year. 😉

  4. Those pictures are gorgeous!!! Love the mountains in the background! 🙂

  5. So exciting about your new marathon time – congrats! Your pics really are gorgeous. I bet you’ll love Colorado in the wintertime…maybe no more running shorts but you have the option for snow sports! 🙂

  6. Wow, I’ve NEVER heard of a race course being declared OFFICIALLTY wrong. Big whoops there! Glad they adjusted the results… congrats on your even-better-time! 🙂

    Glad you were able to get out for a nice long ride before the weather turned! You totally need to get yourself a sweet cycling jersey like D’s for next season!

    • Heather C

      Right?! Pretty crazy – they must have had a lot of backlash. I’m sure there are a lot of courses that are just a little bit long…

  7. How the heck did that happen? But bonus for you!! What a mess.

    For riding, Andy and I looked at each other for like 30 minutes on Sunday before finally braving it. My kneecaps are still frozen, lol.

    Love the pics, what an awesome trail.

    • Heather C

      Ha, I don’t have the gear to even begin preparing for this weather. Running – I’ll stick to that (w/o frozen kneecaps…) 😉

  8. Elizabeth

    16 minutes? That’s nothing. You got this.

    Btw, hope I didn’t jinx your weather by commenting on it the other day…I know Mother Nature’s fickle like that.

  9. Yay for 16 minutes!! You can totally swing that!

  10. I ran the Denver marathon, too. I really wish the long portion hadn’t been on that bridge, but I’m glad my finishing time was shaved off by about a minute. Congrats on getting such a speedy time!

    Gorgeous pics!

  11. So cool about the Denver Marathon. Congrats to you! 16 minutes ain’t no thang;)

    I just checked my official time, and it now reflects the sub-4 that I thought I was on pace to run! So exciting. This news makes my day.

    PS shouldn’t they have sent out an email informing us of this change?!

  12. Thats great news! 🙂 🙂 so exciting!

  13. Alright this is just scary!!! My last Marathon time and current PR: 3:56:12

    T-Minus 15 days!!! 🙂

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