Return of the Tempo!

Here are two things you should Not start your Monday morning with: a failed laundry attempt, and a call to the Netflix Customer Service line….all before 8 a.m.

Neither of which yielded the result I was aiming for.

Coffee and oatmeal, with a side of grumpy? That’s not what I ordered. I’ll switch it for fun reading & exercise, thankyouverymuch.  D’s taking me for another bike ride today, in 70* Denver sunshine. Sassy had a similar weekend of firsts, and Nichole’s Let’s-be-Thankful game worked its magic. Grumptastic crisis averted!

Nice try, Monday.


Yesterday morning I had one goal in mind – run farther. With recovery priorities, I haven’t pushed my legs any more than 6 miles since the marathon. Some runs feel like I could go for 20 if I had the time (and remaining endurance), others lend a stiff muscle or lingering fatigue that remind me to be patient.

I started with an easy pace and one of my new favorite routes. The legs were quick to let me know it was a good day, and they were up for the challenge. Leaf covered side-walks lead me to Washington Park, around on the trail, and back home.

10.31 032 9.16 006

9.16 013

No the trees aren’t still green, but the summer photos do justice to the perfect park trail!

After two miles getting to the park and one mile into it, I wondered…were the legs up for some tempo-paced miles? Apparently, yes.

9:19, 8:45, 8:36, 7:57, 7:29. 7:57, 8:05

7 miles, 58:09, avg 8:19

And we’re back! I’ll assume my patience paid off, along with some help from new strength training in the forms of CrossFit & TRX. I’ll also take that runner’s high to fuel the start of a good week!


Shout out’s for the Day: Happy Birthday, Mrs. C! Wish we were there to celebrate with you :).

Congrats, NYC runnersAnother one down, Shauna! Keep goin’ strong 🙂



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15 responses to “Return of the Tempo!

  1. I am so so jealous of your beautiful running trails! That is all 🙂

  2. Nice work, chica! I can’t wait to do some longer runs when my hammy actually feels good to run on. Looks beautiful there.

  3. Glad you turned your Monday around! It’s a gorgeous day here, too. Hope you enjoy your bike ride.

    I bet it feels great to have your running legs back in full effect. 🙂

  4. Nice job on the run!!!!!

  5. Ah, that tree with the color!! I’d run 6 miles to crunch a few of those fallen leaves with my Nikes 🙂

  6. Eeek – laundry mat fail and Netflix CS do not a good morning make!
    Woohoo! for the good run 🙂 I’m sure the cross training really helped!

  7. Elizabeth

    How in the world are you still getting 70 degree weather?

    Anyway, glad you’re back to tempo! I’ll be attempting my first post-marathon run…some time later this week. I hope.

  8. Awesome job pushing the pace AND distance! Love those trails…

  9. Wow, Wash Park looks so beautiful! You’ve moved to CO during the best weather time we’ve ever had in the fall. Glad you are back and feeling so strong!!

  10. We’re back?! Um, hey Arnold you never left. You are a training goddess. beautifully executed!

    • Heather C

      And now I can’t get the football-head image out of my mind. Where are some Nickelodeon reruns when you need them??

      p.s. Took 5 tries to spell “Nickelodeon”.

  11. ahhh yes. welcome back speedy legs. you have been missed. 🙂

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