A Different Capitol Hill

Friday & Sunday afternoon could’ve easily turned into one of those “let’s just lounge” kind of days. We were both tired & there’s still household things to be done – but if it’s late Fall and the sun is out and it’s still 60+ degrees outside? I’m taking advantage of the hand Colorado has dealt.

10.31 001

As always, the camera came along for the adventure. We decided to just walk. No planned destination & no route in mind. First stop – the neighborhood Park. I will spend a Lot of time on this sidewalk between easy miles & speedwork (Long Runs have a different designated trail); it’s less than half a mile from our house and, well, the pictures say it all:

10.31 020 10.31 006

10.31 009 10.31 012

10.31 015

10.31 016

  After a loop around the park, we headed  out and north. We found bookstores,             coffee shops, bars, salons, autumn leaves, some crazy big houses & tons of apartment buildings.

One pleasant surprise was finding a branch of our favorite Boulder restaurant & brewery  right up the street. We saw the logo, recognized it, walked in & that was it. One beer & one black bean burger later, I was a happy gal.

10.31 032 10.31 035

10.31 038 10.31 046

The Neighborhood Vine Street Pub:

10.31 055 10.31 056


Top that off with two ice-cream cones – walking by an ice-cream shop on the way home? Yes, we stopped – and it was the perfect new-neighborhood night!

Technically, we are in Denver’s “Capitol Hill”. Odd coincidence, no? 😉



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15 responses to “A Different Capitol Hill

  1. that’s seriously one of the prettiest areas in denver…i LOVE going down there!

  2. Aww, I bet it feels good to really be settling in. So happy for you!! We used to go to Vine St. almost every week. Their tempeh reuben is amaaazing. 🙂

    • Heather C

      Ooh, haven’t tried that yet! I think I got the Avocado & Hummus (or cheese?) sammie last time. Maybe if you guys are down here soon we can do a dinner date there! 😉

  3. Terrific pics. Thanks for sharing.

    Living in Dallas we don’t get to see the leaves change colors, heck we barely have trees.

  4. Ooh, i love those kind of days and black bean burgers, yes please!

  5. Awww, this is too friggin cute. Somebody call Carrie Bradshaw, we have the best pun ever.

    * I realize you may not get that bc I don’t think you watch TV, lol.

  6. Exploring on foot – love it! That parks looks PERFECT for running. Score on the restaurant/brewery + ice cream. If I ever make it to Denver, I know who I’m calling.

  7. so beautiful! i am amazed at how nice it is there! i’m so jealous!

  8. Gorgeous! Great pics. I love that y’all just set out on a walk with no plans…my kind of day. 🙂

  9. Elizabeth

    I love the photos and the exploring on foot. And I’m happy that you guys are enjoying yourselves so much. So I *suppose* I’ll let it pass that you’ve found a new “Capitol Hill.” Though, I’m guessing that the new one isn’t nearly as much of a challenge to run up.

  10. Mamacita

    Love the pics and yes enjoy the beautiful fall days because winter is just around the corner. . .

    Love, Mamacita

  11. wow gorgeous pics…….. 🙂

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