Friday Food: Pepper & Pine Nut Squash Pasta

It should be acknowledge that a lot of you surprised me with either your interest in, or affair with, CrossFit! I’ll be doing a Full review on the class, and the workouts that kicked our butts into gear, over the weekend. If things go according to plan, you will have a video recap – Cross Fit routine a la DOTR.

Should be a blockbuster….!

For now, know that muscles I must rarely attend to are having their 15 minutes of fame. The armpits, hamstrings & core muscles have something to say about all that squatting, lunging, jumping & lifting. I’m listening, I HEAR YOU. It’s a good hurt.


After some random conversations involving food & a possible cooking party (which I would preemptively RSVP to if that were an option!) at work yesterday, I had one thing on the dinner-menu-craving-mind: Spaghetti Squash.

D picked up one large S’ghetti Squash and freshly grated Parmesan cheese, ready to be the stars of the kitchen when I got home.

Two other leading ladies: Roasted Red Peppers (yes, that jar is still going) & Pine Nuts.

rrpspaghettisquash 003

The Spaghetti Squash: one of my favorite Fall vegetables because it’s unique & versatile. Who thought to make pasta with a vegetable?! It’s genius.And only ~50 calories per cup.

While there are different methods for this step, last night I tested out the Microwave theory. Rinse & puncture with a fork, or sharp knife (I recommend the latter, these things are though), and zap it for ~10-12 minutes. Stop the clock at some point to make sure it doesn’t explode ( I took it out after 7 & 10 min.).

Once it’s ready (i.e. slighty softer & very hot – that’s your warning. Don’t burn your skin!), slice it down the middle & scoop out the seeds:

rrpspaghettisquash 004

Seedless & exposed, grab your fork & bowls (depending on how many people you’re feeding) and start scraping! As you scrap top to bottom, the noodles reveal themselves! Kitchen magic. I scooped one half to fill up two bowls, saving the second half for leftovers.

Pepper & Pine Nut Squash Pasta

1/2 cup Roasted Red Pepper Slices, chopped into small pieces
2 tbsp pine nuts
1/2 tbsp Olive oil (divided into two bowls)
Cumin & Black Pepper to Taste
~3/4 tbsp Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese, per bowl

In a separate bowl, combine the pepper slices, pint nuts & seasonings. Mix together.
Drizzle your pasta with Olive oil & top with pine nut mixture, top with parmesan!

rrpspaghettisquash 007

Enjoy –  This bowl is full of Fiber, Vitamins A & C, and some healthy fats &  carbs!


Happy Weekending!



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8 responses to “Friday Food: Pepper & Pine Nut Squash Pasta

  1. That’s it, if I don’t try the squash this season something is wrong with me. This looks fantastic! Always impressed:)

  2. oh yum! i definitely need to make this ASAP. i love spaghetti squash!

  3. I just made spaghetti squash last night as well! But I baked, I will definitely be trying the microwave method next time! I added oregano, thyme, pepper, and salt to mine to have as a side to lasagna, mmmm! I debated putting some grated parm on top, after seeing your pics I’m definitely going with my gut instinct next time.

  4. I am on a huge spaghetti squash kick right now. So fun, tasty, healthy and versatile! This recipe looks great!!

    Have a super weekend. 😀

  5. All I gotta say is go spaghetti squash! LOVE it! And that recipe looks awesome:) Easy and delish–my kinda thing! Adore your blog!

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  7. I always forget how delicious and easy spaghetti squash is until I make it for the first time every fall/winter. Thanks for the reminder—I’ll be picking up one of these from my CSA next week!

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