The CrossFit Test

I’m expecting a big serving of lactic acid for breakfast today (with a side of oatmeal). After fueling with some peanut butter toast and lots of water, I’m heading out to my first Cross Fit class. Taught by one of our lululemon ambassadors, and rumored to be muscle-testing, I have no doubt I’ll feel the burn by this afternoon.


To get your sandwich-creation wheels turning, I bring you a what’s-in-the-fridge dinner experiment that received a thumbs Up:

avocadorrsam 003

2 pieces Whole Wheat Toast
2 avocado slices, fork-smashed onto the toast
Salt/Pepper (small sprinkles)
Roasted Red Pepper Slices

I heated the last three ingredients together in a microwave (before the fork-smashing), to avoid the Warm-toast-cold-insides effect.

After spending two hours picking up random household items and landing ourselves in rush hour traffic, this quick n’ easy (healthy, too!) sandwich was all I needed! Creamy, flavorful, and warm. Consumed while waiting on a batch of sweet potato fries covered in cinnamon & nutmeg – i.e.  vegetable dessert!


What’s your favorite use-up-the-groceries sandwich?

Have you tried a “CrossFit” class and/or challenged yourself recently?
I’ll report back soon, after testing these muscles and hoping their strength surprises me….



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29 responses to “The CrossFit Test

  1. Liz

    I’ve been wanting to try Crossfit for a while – can’t wait to hear how you like it

  2. I’ve heard of Crossfit but never looked into it further, can’t wait to get a review

  3. i am so dying to try crossfit. i just talked with a mom who is doing it and she was saying i need to try it. i just have to figure out money since i belong to a gym already and would be paying to go somewhere else ?? i wish my gym would get it ???

  4. Have fun at Crossfit! Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

    Yay for mish-mash sandwiches! I made a yummy one last week with roasted red pepper spread and some roasted veggies (red pepper, zucchini, purple onion), then added some fresh spinach leaves. Yums!

  5. Oh Heather, I love CrossFit! You must read this post I wrote about getting started with it.

    I have been doing it for one year and it completely transformed my competitiveness, my muscles, and how strong I thought I was vs. how strong I have become. It is an amazing workout in a short amount of time, unlike anything I had ever done before. I love that Lulu has embraced CF, they do it here in Houston too.
    Please let me know what you think! It is NOTHING like a relaxing yoga class or a long steady run.
    I go two times a week to CF class.

  6. Uhm. This is basically my favorite sandwich. Except I like mine with some melted cheese and grainy mustard. Tomato slices instead of red pepper. Oh, I wish it was lunch time already! And I’ve never heard of a cross-fit class, but you have my interest perked!

  7. I’ve heard that cross fit is a seriously tough workout. Looking forward to your report. For an easy “we have no groceries” dinner, we’ll do either grilled sandwiches or breakfast (eggs and pancakes).

  8. I came across your blog through #fitblog on twitter and this first post has me thrilled that I found your writing.

    I am a sandwich lover and throw anything between two slices of bread (whole wheat of course!) and I’m there.

    This sounds beyond terrific for one of those I just got home and there is no way I’m cooking type of meals.

    I have a blog myself titled and I put up a menu every Thursday titled Athlete’s Plate and with your permission I would like to use this for lunch next week. Please let me know if that is acceptable for you.

    As for CrossFit I have never done it but a college friend of mine owns one in the DC area and raves about it. I tell him about training and he sends me links to CrossFit.

    Let us know how you like it so that and that might be the push to get me to go to one.

  9. I’m a CrossFit addict. Last night I did 84 pull ups…on my own! 84!!! No way could I have done that without CrossFit a year and a half ago. I have never found a better form of exercise out there, EVER.

    I’ve lost 120+ pounds and I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m strong and fast and awesome…all thanks to CrossFit.

    So, I hope you love it like I do!

  10. OOOH dying to hear more. I have had someone send an invite but haven’t had time yet. Let’s hear how sore you are:) That’s awesome!

  11. Elizabeth

    I know you’re super in shape and whatnot, but I still think you’re going to be feeling that CrossFit class afterward. Good luck, lady.

  12. oh girl, be careful! crossfit can be great but you just have to make sure you pay attention to form 🙂 let us know how it goes!

    • Heather C

      True story!! They normally do “foundation classes” before you’re allowed to do a group class – making sure you don’t screw yourself up.

  13. I just tried Crossfit for the first time last weekend and I have one word for you…IBRUPROFEN.

    I’m in pretty decent shape (or so I thought) but it kicked my can. It was a partner competition so I’m sure I went over bored trying to help my partner win and I couldn’t walk very good for 3 days. I can see why it works! I wish I could afford it…someday. Have fun!

  14. You definitely need to do a recap of your experience! I have a few friends who are raving about it now and I’m itching to try it but currently recovering from a foot injury that probably couldn’t handle the class. I just started challenging myself by upping my strength training and I’m loving it!

  15. I’ve heard really good things about crossfit!! I can’t wait to hear what you think!

  16. I love mashed up avocado on a piece of toast! I’ve never tried it with the roasted red peppers, but instead will mix in lime juice + s&p! So good!

  17. nom nom nom! looks TASTY!

    did you ever get reader working with my link yet?

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