Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon: Run with Me

Ready? Lace up your shoes, stretch, grab your water, and Run with me…

…it’s going to be a LONG one…


Wake up! We were in the car by 5:30 a.m. (oatmeal breakfast in tupperware, yum), parking around 6:30. Port-a-potty lines were massive and unorganized, but I finally got my pit-stop in with less than 5 minutes to spare.

DenverRnRwkend 054

I merged into the masses, heading towards Corral 6 but slipping in a little early as the Race had already begun!

I crossed the Starting Line, and began my run…

The Plan: Using the course Map, D & I had meet ups arranged for miles 5, 9.5, 12, 15, 17, 20 & 22. We also had back-ups, incase our designated spots were too crowded. He was on the bike, as usual, packed with extra water, the camera & snacks. In other words, he was my lifeline, photographer, support, and motivation! I was equipped with my Camelbak, housing slightly diluted Accelerade that I sipped around every mile.

Start Slow: Taking it easy and taking it all in, I reminded myself to be conservative. I had plenty of miles to speed it up, if I could. Now was the time to relax, enjoy the totally random bands that lined the course (we saw Indie & Country within the first 5 miles), and save my energy for the end.

Miles 1-5: 9:35, 9:11, 8:58, 8:51, 8:50 (whoa, negatives… Hold it)

We ran along 17th street, where I mentally took notes of restaurants, shops & bars that looked fun and unique. A runner knows that the best way to explore your new city is while running. It was a great distraction, and mile 5 (Hi D!) snuck up on me in the best way…

DenverRnRwkend 055

Fuel UP: The course took us in and around City Park, a gorgeous 3 miles surrounded by a load of spectators, more bands & the first relay stop. My pace-bracelet-check assured me I was slightly ahead of the 4:00 finish schedule, and my pace itself was comfortable & easy.

I took in 1/2 of my Lemon Lime Shot Bloks package at mile 7, and noticed the rest of them fit conveniently into my arm-sleeve “Cuffin”. Thank you, lululemon, for making distance-runner-friendly apparel!

The lululemon cheer section was stationed at mile 9; I barely caught them, but couldn’t have been happier to see more familiar faces & hear some LOUD cheering!

Not too far down the road, D was stationed and ready again. It was just another quick “hey!”, high-five, smile & “see you soon!”.

Miles 6-10:8:46, 8:50, 8:46, 8:53, 9:02

Take in the Scenery: We entered Cheesman park (which will soon be my stomping grounds!!) for our last section with the 1/2-runners. The sun was finally out in full force & the marathon-morning was perfect. I saw D again at mile 12 for a quick chip-grab, right after we split to start the second half.  He also happened to stuff tissues into my bag o’ Baked Lays, because he knows my nose. Much needed, as I could barely eat and breathe with my mouth closed.

Miles 11-15: 9:01, 8:46, 8:52, 8:52, 9:06

We headed south through the neighborhoods to Washington Park (aka Wash Park), one of my favorite Denver areas! Passing the 13.1 mark had no dramatic effect – I was feeling just as good as I did at Mile 1; ready for the next half! Seeing D again at mile 15 came so quickly; this time I grabbed my handheld water bottle, and carried it until our next meet up.

And this reminded me why I switched to the Camelbak! That handheld is lucky it made it those two miles, ugh.

At mile 17, I happily ditched the bottle, smiled for another photo, and finished off the rest of my LL Shot Bloks. Hello, Wash Park! So Happy to see you….

…but you’re trails are such a tease. For the first time, I started feeling those marathon-aches. This was elevated by the fact that all of my LRs were done on a mostly-gravel trail. Pounding the pavement for 18 miles? My back had something to say about that. I had every urge to slip off the pavement and onto the inner-track trail. But, technically that wasn’t the course. And I should probably stay within the lines…

We looped around, and I took my first short walk break at mile 18’s water stop. The best part about this section, was that coming out of the park brought us to mile 20 (Hello, again, D!). Nothing but a 10K to go from there…

DenverRnRwkend 058

Can you tell I was having a good time? 🙂 20 miles meant I still had the hardest part left, but I had put a lot behind me. It also presented the choice between another bag of chips, or Margarita Shot Bloks. I went with the latter, for eating-simplicity. I may or may not have had a moment of nausea while thinking of the real thing (i.e. Tequila. Gross.), but the salty taste & needed-sugar did their tricks.

Miles 16-20: 9:03, 9:01, 9:02, 9:08, 8:56 (Still right on Target, let’s do this!)

Keep it Going: I took in another quick walk break around mile ~20.5 to pause, drink & dump some ice on my head. D caught up with me on the bike en route to his next stop, and we found ourselves in the normal LR-routine. As the runners had thinned a little more by now, he stayed beside me for a few miles and offered the encouragement & motivation that’s needed by that point. I took in some water & his words, but spent no energy spitting out my own words. Tired, yes? Ready to stop? Not yet.

Passing mile marker 23 brought us to the only real “hill” of the day; a girl next to me actually said something along the lines of “Seriously?! LOOK at that Hill!”. Not quite the upbeat banter you hope for….

We went up, turned around, and went back down.

D rode up with me until the turnaround, where I said “Okay, see ya at the finish line!”. I needed to zone out, and I needed to know that when I saw him next….I’d be at the end!

Fellow runner/reader, Amy – thanks for the random, unexpected shout out at 23.5!
It was needed there. 🙂

He snuck around the corner and snapped this at mile 24

…two miles to go? No problem!

DenverRnRwkend 060

Miles 21-24: 8:46, 9:01, 9:08, 9:23

Finish STRONG: Not once was I ready to call it quits. I definitely felt the fatigue during the last three miles, and had a few aches & pains that I could’ve done without. But, not once did I question my sanity, doubt my fitness, or wish for anything other than that day. When my energy waned, I reminded myself of training, moving, readjusting, every Strong run, every early morning & every moment of dedication. Your Training won’t fail you when you trust it.

DenverRnRwkend 061

Garmin was a little off by this point, so I recalibrated at mile marker 25 to be on with the course. When it beeped 26, I wanted to know I really only had 0.2 left.

Miles 25-26.2: 9:09 (1 mile), 9:03 (0.31), 8:50 (1 mile), 8:22 (!!) (0.2)

I knew the sub-4 was in the bag. So, I brought it home on that 26.2-PR high!

As I crossed the Finish Line, I was completely elated.

DenverRnRwkend 066

DenverRnRwkend 071

DenverRnRwkend 078

3:58:24*, avg 8:59 min/mile

Age Group (18-24): 21 / 112
Women: 217 / 1357
787 / 2894

I cannot THANK YOU all enough.
Your encouragement, support &
motivation is seemingly unending.
Comments, e-mail exchanges,
well-wishes, etc all crossed my mind
and kept me going.
It means more than you know.

Thank You! 🙂


*Edited to add: According to the Denver Post,
race officials reevaluated the course and it was “too long”.
Results were changed accordingly:




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43 responses to “Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon: Run with Me

  1. Awesome report!! What a strong race and what a great feeling to know that all of your training paid off. Sounds like you felt pretty darn good! You certainly don’t look like to just ran a marathon!! CONGRATS AGAIN!

  2. Elizabeth

    Such a great job! So proud of you!

    You’ll be at Boston before you know it!

  3. Just awesome. You ran such a smart and strong race!!

  4. you look so happy! that’s the way you should run a race 🙂

  5. Ivan

    ” Nothing but a 10K to go from there…”

    I remember at the our first marathon, how at mile 20 we thought, “I’m about to run further than I ever have before…but I still have an hour left of running!”

    Great job, Heather. You know how proud of you we are.

  6. yay!!! this post made me so happy. I love picturing D on his bike meeting you along the course – what awesome support! LOVE what you said about “Your training won’t fail you when you trust it” – AMAZING words. You inspire me.

  7. Umm, you do not look like you just ran a marathon!! Impressive 🙂 Love the smiling face. Congrats rocked it!!!

  8. I loved this race report! You were so upbeat and positive the entire time and look at that gorgeous weather! You seriously ROCK!

  9. jen

    Great recap! You made it look almost easy…though I know it wasn’t. Way to stick to your training and accomplish your goal. You are amazing! Keep riding that marathon high!

  10. J

    Congrats on the PR!! You look so happy in your pictures! So glad you had a great race!

  11. you look great in every single one of those pics! congrats on a PR and a great race!

  12. Dear Wonder Woman,

    I can’t believe your big race came. You had a blistering fast pace. Superman STILL found you along the way, must have used his ninja-like honing beacon to find you in the crowd.

    You should have a runner’s high for at least 365 more days, any shorter and you should seek medical attention.

    I am in awe of you from down here on earth! What’s also great is you told us all your how you kept your superstrength throughout the race, fueling is SO important.

    Also, I know you’re a superhero because you only had to go to the bathroom once before the race – that is impossible.

  13. Great recap. Sounds like you had a very strong race both mentally and physically. Around 20 miles I definitely started doubting whether or not I really wanted to finish the race THAT bad. And you can see it when you look at the race photos. Not pretty. Looks like the weather was awesome and great that you had your awesome support crew there for you the entire time!

  14. Congratulations on the marathon! You did so great on your time!

  15. Great job! I’m so glad that you were able to enjoy yourself the entire time.

  16. Such an awesome recap! You make it look so easy! And so fast! I think it is so great that you had that constant helper right beside you so often! What a great guy. And I love the shoe/Garmin picture at the end.

  17. Well done! You did SUCH a great job! PR’ing is the best feeling, isn’t it? I PR’d in Portland and it was such a good, strong race for me. It’s a great feeling.

    You look great in all those photos!!

    Again, congrats!

  18. Great recap! You look so happy during those last six miles…so awesome!

  19. Amy

    So inspiring! Congrats!

  20. GREAT job!!! You had such a great race . . . wonderful time. And I love your photos. You look so happy. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll have a similar race to yours next month. If this knee cooperates . . . Ahh! 🙂

  21. I can hear the smile in your words that must still me plastered on your face from this race! Congrats again girl! SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!

    P.S. Best race pics ever! Seriously, you are all smiles!

  22. You’re race recap made me miss Denver so much! So jealous you got to run in such an amazing city! You did such a good job too 🙂

  23. dude… you are AMAZING!!! congrats! i love reading recaps like these, it is so inspiring. you should be so proud!

  24. what a great report and FANTASTIC race. wow you totally nailed that one 🙂 congrats girl on the sub 4 and PR!!

  25. Jul

    Congratulations, Heather! You’re amazing. It looks like you had so much fun. I’ve been thinking about registering for my first marathon, and maybe this is just the inspiration I need. 🙂 How did you know you were ready to train for a marathon?

    Also, I thought it was really interesting you mentioned feeling such a difference running on pavement vs. running on trails, as you did for most of your training. I do most of my long runs on trails, too (and I think it’s a must for my knees and for my sanity!). How big of a difference do you think it made for you? Would you advise doing at least some runs on pavement before a long road race?

  26. SUB 4 HECK YA!!!! So proud of you girly. D is seriously the greatest for being EVERYWHERE on the course. Any chance you can loan him out for me for Vegas? 😉 juuuuuuust kidding…kinda. I’m obsessed with the lululemon sleeves so stinkin’ cute, and you ended up with some awesome running/racing shots.

    Congrats again, and more importantly…what’s next?!?! 😉

  27. Congrats on a job well done! Nice job on the PR too. You really rocked it. If you just trust your training it will all work out!!!

  28. That is awesome! Congratulations! I am really jealous that you ran the Denver Marathon. I am obsessed with Denver.

  29. You make running a sub- 4:00 marathon seem so effortless!! Hopefully I can recreate your perfect marathon in December. You rock!! 🙂

  30. amazing amazing job!!!! so so so happy for you!!! great job on the run lady- you killed it out there!!!!!! rock on!!

  31. Liz

    I love how you are smiling in every picture! Great job!

  32. Lindsay

    WAY to go sub 4 AWESOME!
    what are the teal arm bands you wore at the beginning?

  33. CONGRATS girl!! You make it sound easy 😉 I miss you and our runs! And those arm sleeves are ADORABLE.


  34. you are a ROCKSTAR! congrats. it feels so so good to see the hard work pay off =]

  35. Joslynn Lee

    Your race reports are fun! I loved that you were smiling in all the photos! It is great to have supporters all around! Great splits, almost within 30 seconds! You will definitely have a BQ soon!! Rest those legs and keep up with yoga! Your IT band will love you for it.

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