Ready to Rock n’ Roll, Denver Style!

Immediately after work, we had some apartment business to attend to. One the way from one to the next, we always keep our eyes peeled for “For Rent” signs. During this process, we learned that there are plenty of places out there that are never posted on any online service. They keep it old-fashioned, they put up a sign.

We found one, we called it, and within the hour we were signing the lease. It happened to be in one of the two neighborhoods we wanted, and happened to be perfect for us right now. And we can move in early! So. Happy.

Easy as that! Stress: GONE.  My focus is now solely on 26.2, as it should be!


marathonexpo 002

It was time to make things official! Have the bib in hand, get my Tech Tee that probably won’t see much action, and browse the vendors for samples & sales.

marathonexpo 001

He wanted in on the action, too.

marathonexpo 004

Not as speedy as you, just yet, mannequin woman. Workin’ on it…

And working hard! As most of you know, this training cycle has been entirely different than the first. I know that I’m mentally and physically ready, and more importantly, I’m EXCITED!

By feel, I know this race will be the experience I want it to be. Because that’s my attitude and I’m more than happy to get out there tomorrow and run for hours.

I know these legs have put their work in and are ready to change this finish-line attitude:

marathon! 024

By numbers (because the numbers don’t lie!):

Mid December – March 19 (for #1): 319.5
Mid July – October 15: 421.2

Yep, that put things into perspective.

These muscles are Ready to ROCK.

Race Goals?

My initial goal with this one was simply to train smart(er) and enjoy the race, through and through. That picture above tells you everything you need to know the last 10K of that marathon. This time, I know it will be hard, but I know I put it much more work to make it “easier”.

GOAL: Sub 4:00. Simple, and according to my training, do-able!

A+ GOAL: Hit 3:50-55. If the legs can push it, I’ll go with it!


marathonexpo 012

If you’re on the course, look for those sweet lululemon arm warmers, as my black Sony shirt isn’t exactly jumping out of the crowd. 😉

Catch ya after the Finish Line…..!

GOOD LUCK to my fellow runners/racers this weekend!!!



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14 responses to “Ready to Rock n’ Roll, Denver Style!

  1. Good luck to you too Heather! You’re so going to rock this race. 🙂

  2. WOohoo! I love race expos. Your arm warmers are cute! I need to check the weather to see what kind of temps you’ll be running in. I’m excited for you.

  3. Good luck, you seem ready to “rock.” I ran Chicago last week and for the first time in 5 marathons enjoyed every minute. I feel I took some pressure off myself, I was so focused on enjoying things so if you have a time goal, check your splits etc. Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  4. GOOD LUCK!!! It sounds like you are ready and you will do amazing!! Can’t wait to read the race recap :o) Oh, and congrats on finding a new place to live!

  5. Good luck!! Love the outfit and love the pic of you and the mannequin runner!

  6. Best of luck!! I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  7. So excited for you Heather! You are going to absolutely rock it. Pun intended. I can feel your excited energy through this post. 🙂 AND, congrats on finding a new apartment – that didn’t take long. 🙂

  8. Good luck! (Been in lurking mode the past while). You’ll get that sub 4. Don’t go out too fast, fuel properly and you’ll be fine.

  9. good luck tomorrow!!!

    my shorts are yellow too… even though yours have a yellow stripe! i feel like yellow is a good color! 🙂

    ill be thinking of you! rock on sister!

  10. Good luck girl!!! You are going to rock this thing! 🙂

  11. Good luck!! Can’t wait to hear about it.

  12. I see a 3:50 for sure! You are STRONG! Have a wonderful time out there!!! 😀

  13. good luck girl! you’re going to do so well – i’m so proud of your hard work!

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