Three Things Thursday: Sony, Search & Stretch

1) As part of my sponsorship with Sony, they provided me with their new MP3 Walkman. It’s basically cordless, small, light & barely-there.

And, it’s allowing me to say “I’m listening to my Walkman" without pulling out a cassette tape. Win!

sonywalkman 001sonywalkman 002    

sonywalkman 003

sonywalkman 004

It behaved wonderfully during our photoshoot this morning; no complaints about the early hour or the cool temperatures on the deck. Passed the test!

It’s not quite as stable on the run as my trusty iPod earbuds, but I do love the simplicity of its features: drag & drop music from iTunes to load it up with songs, plug into the computer for charging, wrap it around your head & into the ears for listening, and a magnet allows it to stay together…in a heart-shape. That’s my favorite part.

Music-listeners: Do you run with anything besides an iPod?
Would you try this?

2) When we moved to Colorado, we chose a 3-month lease because there were too many unknowns. So, do the math, we’re on the apartment search yet again!

For those of you counting, this will be the FOURTH time I’ve moved this year. Let’s have this be the only time we mention that. Ugh.

This search is exciting, but challenging. We’re moving INTO Denver (finally!), and there are a few neighborhoods that are tough to choose from. And tough to snatch an apartment in. So, keep your fingers crossed, and don’t mention the fact that I’ve now done this “search” during both training cycles. Holy Stress, Friends.

3) To let some of that stress out with deep pranayama breathing. In other words, Yoga is on the agenda tonight! Excited would be an understatement; I’ve needed nothing more than to zone out, relax and Stretch this week. And my core could use some attention before I engage it for 4 hours on Sunday…


Speaking of YOGA: Denver Yogis, there’s a BIG (2,000 Big!) Event going on in City Park this Saturday morning – YOGA IN THE CITY, with yours truly, lululemon & CorePower yoga. COME JOIN US!

Countdown: 3 days!!!!



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22 responses to “Three Things Thursday: Sony, Search & Stretch

  1. Liz

    Cordless would definitely be nice. The iPod earphones are so long. Good luck on the apartment search! Hopefully you will find a place that you can stay for at least a year because all that moving must be exhausting.
    p.s. My husband and I are actually thinking of moving to CO down the road (like 1.5-2 years from now). So can’t wait to see what the housing is like out there!

    • Heather C

      The cordless is nice, but it’s no Snooki 😉

      You should Definitely come join us in CO!! You won’t look back, and you’ll be amazed at the prices vs DC…ha

  2. Cordless would be nice kinda worried how it would work? I have only tried the Ipod though! I would like to move to CO is there a reason you are looking into Denver instead of staying in Boulder?

    And yes I do want to move just for events like the yoga event we simply don’t have those here!

  3. I am sure it’s a huge pain to think about moving again but I think you were wise to do a 3 month lease so you can get to know the city and then decide where you really want to be…

    I run w/ an iPod and can not see myself ever switching to something else. I am just very loyal to iPod and I have mulitple iPods, which I know sounds crazy, but each one has a purpose… 🙂

  4. Elizabeth

    I really can’t believe you’ve been out there three months already…

    Good luck with the Denver search – can’t wait to come visit! 🙂

    • Heather C

      Can we set a date please?! Otherwise another 3 months will fly by and I’m not sure I can be Cluepod-less for that long…

  5. I hope you find an apartment soon! Moving is such a pain!!

  6. I’m used to my iPod but always open to new things! Good luck with the apartment search – the 3 month lease was probably great in that now you know the city and exactly where you want to live – will keep my fingers crossed that you find the perfect place. You’ve definitely got a lot going on but keep up the good work – you always seem to find that balance. 🙂 xo

  7. I use an iPod shuffle to run with but I cannot stand iPod headphones.. they hurt my ears so bad. I actually use something similar to the sony.. it loops around my ear and it much more comfortable!

  8. wow, it’s been 3 months already!

    sending you TONS of good thoughts and luck for this weekend!!

  9. Moving is SO stressful. We did it 3 times in 1 year, so I know the feeling! If you have any Denver questions, let me know. Good luck with everything 🙂 When things calm down a bit let’s meet up!

  10. I’m obsessed with my iPod so I don’t think I could ever give it up, especially when it comes to running. 🙂

    And good luck on the move!

  11. Oh man, moving again? Good luck! Here’s hoping you find the perfect place and that this is the last time for a while.

    I’m a iPod shuffle girl… I’m open to new ideas but I don’t think I would like all that “stuff” around my ears. Wireless is cool but it looks too bulky.

  12. Ready for this? We’re moving again too! LMAO! OMG girl we’re on the same timeline! We move at the end of the month to a city a little closer to where I work because 120 miles round trip every day sucked! I can’t get over we’re both moving… again.

  13. Geez, lady that is a lot of moving! I hope you find something shweet soon. And I’m jealous of yoga in the city…someday, someday. 😉

  14. Sorry, it’s iPod or nothing for moi. Shuffle, specifically. I can’t stand running with something that takes up to much space in my pants – yes, I went there.

    Denver?! WAHOO! Look at the highlands, lots of collegey folks still. Cool place!

  15. good luck this weekend! ill be thinking of you!

  16. I usually run with my droid phone for music, because I can track my workout by gps at the same time! Win-win situation.

    Would I try something like that?
    Maybe. Just maybe.

  17. Amy H

    Okay, I’m the creeper that cheered for you around mile 23.5 (on the bridge). I kept seeing you on the course, but was too shy to say hello. I figured that everyone needs a little motivation at that point, even if it comes from some random girl they don’t even know:) Looks like you were right on par to break 4:00. GREAT JOB!

    Also, do you have any plans to run the Colorado Marathon in Ft. Collins in May. It’s all downhill. Seriously. Um, hello BQ?

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