Ending with Eight

By Saturday morning I had done three yoga classes in less than 24 hours. Friday night’s class at lululemon ended up being Yoga-on-the-sidewalk for a few of us, but we’ll get to that later.

I woke up with one last Long Run to check off the training schedule – 8 miles. I knew, if nothing else, the legs were stretched and limber for this one. Ready? Let’s go.


The weekend before marathon #1 I ran 8 miles, too; I remember everything about that run…

I remember procrastinating, not wanting to run at all that day. I remember D having to convince me that I’d feel better if I just went. I remember it was raining, and I remember running down Rock Creek Park to Lincoln Memorial (my fave) and over the bridge to Iwo Jima. I remember rounding back up Connecticut Avenue, crossing the bridge to Woodley Park, and getting soaked by a passing Semi-truck that drove through a puddle.

It was exactly what I needed to wake me up, get out of the taper-funk, and get ready for that race.


This time around, all I needed for motivation was a piece of toast with peanut butter and some coffee. No pushing was needed; I laced up the shoes and gladly headed out in to gorgeous, chilly Fall morning.

From the first mile I knew this would go well, and I knew my legs were up for a little challenge…

9:10, 8:51, 8:39, 8:25, 8:08, 7:55, 7:46, 8:05

8 miles, 1:07:08, avg 8;23 min/mile


Then we were free to spend Saturdays as they should be spent in the Fall – watching Football (let’s not talk about Penn State right now), and exploring the mountains!

10.10 004

Yes, that’s snow you see. No, I wasn’t ready for it. Please notice the flip-flops.

10.10 015

I may not have been prepared for a hike; luckily some quick picture-taking required no wardrobe changes. 

10.10 020

Here’s hoping that snow stays right there until after next weekend….Colorado, please cooperate.




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21 responses to “Ending with Eight

  1. Seriously. The last thing I want to deal with during the marathon is snow….luckily, according to weather.com (aka. my bible) it looks it should be a beautiful day for us. Then again, CO weather is crazy, so who the heck knows what it’ll be like! Fingers crossed for crisp, cool, perfect running weather.

    P.S. I can’t believe it snowed in the mountains! I was on the East coast this weekend, so I had no idea. Oh, Colorado….

  2. Was that Brainard Lake?

    Nice job on your last 8!! Enjoy the restful week before the big day.

  3. were y’all in estes? that looks like the road up to bear lake…it was crazy here, i could see it snowing in the mountains from our house!

  4. Look at you, you yogi 🙂

    I get so jealous everytime you post photos of the amazing scenery around you!

  5. Glad you didn’t get soaked this time. Great training run! You are ready for the race 🙂

  6. Your Colorado pics really make me want to move there – it’s still pretty warm in Texas but I’m hoping the temps drop soon. Awesome run! Can’t wait to follow along your race next weekend. xo

  7. Beautiful pics! Glad you are literally soaking it all in.

    Seriously, I don’t mind putting in some miles for a thick pb&nutella sandwich. MMM!

  8. Congrats to the end of a fantastic training. Now it’s time to kick this marathon’s butt!! You are going to be amazing! 🙂

  9. Woohoo! You are so close to that marathon! I hope your final taper week goes well. I’m sooo glad my marathon is over and enjoying my day off work! Those pics of the water and mountains are beautiful.

  10. nice job on the run! Love the pics!

  11. I’m jealous of all the mountain exploring you guys do..we always let the weekends slip away! You are quite the speedy runny….really impressed! I have a few friends running in the marathon this weekend. I know you’re going to do great!

  12. Nice 8-miler! Must be feeling good for next weekend. Wheeeeeeeee! 🙂

    Cute pic… flip flops and all! lol

  13. Lacey

    wow, soooo gorgeous. and GREAT picture of you two!

    sometimes when i feel “funky” i shake it up with intense XT. it may be okay in taper b/c it’s not running and esp if you do something non impact and relatively brief. sprint intervals during 20 min on the elliptical? or the bike? really good “wake up” – “shake out” for the legs/ mind.

  14. I LOVE these photos! Mountains, water, trees…AAHHH! Gorgeous. Enjoy your week of pre-race rest 🙂

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