3 Things Thursday:Tempo Sun & FREE Yoga!

1) I had a date with a Tempo Run yesterday; I wasn’t sure it’d be a “let’s have another cup of coffee!” type of morning, but as usual, things went very well. The original plan was a 2-mile warm-up, but as usual, I got restless.

9:14, 7:44, 7:36, 7:24…

As the (now) 2-mile cool down started, a side stitch clearly wanted to be heard and would have no mercy on me. Nice. In a continued effort to strengthen my mental running (i.e. keep running in the moments I want to stop), I just kept going with deep breathes (and a few curses to the dairy-heavy breakfast I had chosen, ugh) and continued steps. 8:15, 8:55.

6 miles, 49:10, avg 8:11. Done.

2) This was followed up by a Sunrise run today – 6:00 a.m. is no longer the beginning of the day! The sun is still sleeping, while some of us are listening to Lady Gaga and running up hills. 4.5 miles, 40:05.

3) For all you Denver Yogis out there (hello?) – we’re having a Yoga in the City Kickoff Party tonight! Come by the Cherry Creek Lululemon for some FREE Yoga & socializing!

FREE Yoga. Just thought I’d throw that out there again 😉


Marathon Countdown: 10 days!



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15 responses to “3 Things Thursday:Tempo Sun & FREE Yoga!

  1. I wish our Lululemon had yoga at more optimal times it’s always during Long Runs! But it is a show room so will get better! You have some rocking times! I think a BQ can’t be too far away from you.

  2. Wish I lived near Denver…

    Nice work on the tempo. Those are some fast miles…

  3. Wow so fun that you are working at Lululemon!! Sounds like such an amazing job. 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to meet you. Is it November yet? Seriously. That is all. Oh wait, good job on that run! Did I mention I can’t wait to meet you next month? I did? Oh ok. 🙂

  5. Free yoga…bliss! Some day I will live in a big city where things like this happen and Lululemon is close at hand. Well, that might be dangerous, but one can hope. 😉 10 days…wahoo!

  6. wooot!!! great job on the run!!!! 🙂 🙂

  7. It’s dark until after 7 am! However, it will be depressing when it starts to get dark at 5 p.m….

  8. You tease, you know I can’t make it to FREE yoga, it would COST me a flight:(

    Be careful in the AM, the hippies hang out in the dark ya know:)

  9. Nice tempo!!! Way to work through the side stitch… at least it let you get through the tempo miles first.

    I am having a hard time getting up for morning runs these days… I think I’m done with those until after my race, opting for extra sleep instead. Waking up at 4AM feels like midnight now!

  10. your first cooldown mile is faster than my tempo pace. just sayin’. 😉 you’re ready to give the marathon. so excited for you. 🙂

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