Eventually I’ll Have Lemonade

My days are currently blurred by unconventional work schedules, meetings, events and trying to soak in the “taper mode” that currently does not include any “taper madness” (holding breath). Life, as I know it, is officially on the crazy-scale…and I sort of love it.

Tuesday? Today that meant a morning meeting, coffee shop for ‘net access accompanied by caffeine loading & email/blog/twitter updates/reading, a group Pilates class this afternoon, and apartment searching.

This is my day off. 😉


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My Current Lemons: Still adjusting to/loving the new gig, Craig’s List, Sticky Fingers events, lululemon ambassadors, recipe creations, work (obviously), and MOVING sooner than later so that my commute doesn’t include traffic and daily sanity-tests from the roadies (though I do enjoy my NPR time…).

I’ll get my hands on some sugar, no doubt. I’ll make lemonade.


Last night I joined a new coworker/running buddy (!!!) for an easy 5. This being part of her LR for the week, I had no requisites for pace, distance, or location. I left all gadgets at home and let our legs and chatting do their thing!

I felt naked without a watch, or music, or even a key. And it was awesome. Our run ended around 5.3 miles (thanks, mapmyrun !) after ~45 minutes. Adjusting to talking-while-running again was distracting in such a good way, and made me even more anxious for D& I to be settled in Denver so that runs like this are the Norm.

Cross-training takes the stage today as I do my first ever Pilates class. Any tips?! I wasn’t even sure what to wear. All I know is that it won’t be 90* (right??) and I probably won’t get to zone out in Child’s pose.

Yoga, you’ll get your spotlight later this week.

How’s the week going for everyone else?

For more Tuesday entertainment, check out Nichole’s spotlight on the Nutty Professor from Kansas State. I’ll save my tirade for a results article at the end of this month. And note, for the Nth time today, that he is NOT a Registered Dietitian, much to my relief.



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9 responses to “Eventually I’ll Have Lemonade

  1. Elizabeth

    Oh, pilates. I did one class with my mom a few summers ago and my entire core was sore in a way that yoga had never felt like.

    Same yoga clothes, yes, a much cooler room, but serious work out.

  2. Whew, sounds like a crazy busy life you’re leading around those parts. Moving so soon must be a bit stressful. Good luck! Pilates is a lot of core, but I don’t recall it getting me super hot and sweaty. Any workout attire will do.

  3. I really, really wish I was hanging out with ya!

    Where are you working in the city?

  4. you know, i’ve never actually taken a pilates class! i’d love to hear your thoughts…i always got tired of the videos because they were too hard 🙂

  5. My week is pretty crazy, like yours, but I think perhaps yours is busier than mine 😉

    I’m currently taking integral calculus, physics, tech writing, and comp sci, so homework every night.

    On top of that, I work at a pizza shop and one coworker is sick and the other just asked for an emergency 2 weeks off so extra-de-duper hours for me.

    It’s good, as I need the extra money for school and such, but I get home every night exhausted and pretty much pass out when I hit the sheets ;P

  6. Yay for a new running buddy!

    Sounds like you have LOTS of fun stuff going on. Hope that lemonade turns out juuuust right. 🙂

  7. this week is going well. ready to embrace taper with open arms! 🙂

  8. Becca

    Hi! I have been reading your blog for a little while and, as a fellow dietitian (who works with kids!) and runner, I must say I enjoy reading very much. Unfortunately, I do not get to enjoy Colorado every day; I think reading and seeing your photos is like a mini-escape for me. (I visited CO this past summer and LOVED it.)

    Okay, my comment: Pilates is amazing! I am a yoga-to-pilates convert, although I still enjoy yoga. Its great for runners because it strengthens your glutes, hip flexors (big time!), and of course your abs. Ever since I started my running has been better; I think I am more efficient. By the time you get this comment it will be Wednesday, and you might be really sore. But I hope you enjoyed your Pilates class!

  9. You’ve got a lot going on, girl! Many lemons in deed – but some fun ones:) Especially if you find some sugar 😉

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